Crafty uses for book vouchers


I may be getting ahead of myself here, but perhaps you might find a book voucher in your Christmas stocking on Monday morning? The good folk at Readings have put together a fab list of crafty books  to help you put that voucher to good use.

My friend Karen lent me her copy of On the Loom and it is lovely. I may need to buy my own copy to add to my library. I’ve seen Craftivism sitting on the shelf of my local bookshop and I think that looks like a pretty good read too. And I like the look of the macramé one. And maybe this one may tempt my girl to take up a needle and floss? Going beyond the Readings list, this one by Hollie Chastain about collage is also a goody.

Do any of these appeal to you? Maybe you already have some? Happy reading, happy crafting!


*this is not a sponsored post

Getting back on the horse – and a ‘taking stock’ of sorts

Well hey there! Here I am! I tell you, it feels like it has been a while since I have had the chance to sit down and immerse myself in a blog post. Not to say that this is going to have any earth-shattering insights. Rather it is me climbing gently back on the horse – or the bike – whatever takes your fancy! The kiddies – can I still call them that now that they are both adults?- have started back at uni this week and my brain is beginning to find some breathing space again *sigh*. Usually we have a week down at the beach over the summer to allow for chill time but this year we headed overseas, which was excellent, but it’s a different kind of holiday, isn’t it, when you are out and about, taking in the sights? And when we returned, my girl was ON A MISSION to clock up her driving hours so she could go for her driver’s licence (note for non-Aussie readers –  under 21s need 120 hours of driving practice before they can take the test) so we were driving here, there and everywhere around Melbourne and beyond chasing those hours! Want to see a movie? Great, Lion is on at a cinema 35km away (left the cinema with tear-stained cheeks). Let’s drive for half an hour to see La La Land (both felt a bit ‘meh’). Coffee? There’s an excellent cafe on the other side of town. Love being with my girl, but it was quite time consuming, and ate into those long summer days with nothing to do but mooch around the house and do a bit of self-reflection!

Anyhoo, the last couple of weeks have had a few less commitments and I THINK I’m now back in a place where I can plump up the old brain and get some creative juices flowing, where I can absorb a little more of what I’ve been reading, and I can get out and about to explore what is going on in my lovely city. A nice way to balance the other responsibilities of life!

So this is how things have been chugging along so far.

Started this cosy stripe blanket. Pretty happy with its progress!
Joined in with the weekly challenges for The Collage Club
Went to the David Hockney exhibition at the NGV
Borrowed Truly Madly Guilty from the library. Nearly finished it. I’ve never read Liane Moriarty before so was keen to give her a try. A page turner but I’m getting a little impatient for it to wrap up.
Dipped my toes into doing a little bit of journalling. This one was from a lovely summer’s evening sitting with my boy whilst waiting for my girl.

Feeling a bit more content within myself with this under my belt. The last few months, I felt a bit shrivelled inside! Think I fell into a bit of a rut with the whole end of year commitments, beginning of year activities, and then this sort of PARALYSIS sets in where you don’t feel you have the time to create, and then when little spaces open, there’s no ideas in the head, so you just sit like a BLOB scrolling through Facebook and Insta feeds. Or maybe that’s just me!

But now I’m back on the horse and hoping to keep cantering along!

Catch up again soon!


Collage Club: Black and White

Well this is exciting!  As a member of the Collage Club for only a few months, and a VERY new blogger, this is my first collage post!


Black and white. When I saw this month’s theme, lots of images sprang to mind… Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, the beautiful photography of Man Ray and John French, Matisse line drawings…I envisaged a collage that was quite glamorous with maybe a graphic element added in.  And then as I thought more about black and white images, I started to think about black and white THINKING, how people can be black and white in their views.  Now this is not necessarily bad. If we are talking about good manners – there’s nothing arguable about being polite and respectful to others – this standard should, in my opinion, be rigidly adhered to.  If we did so, I think we could create a pretty cohesive community. But there is a lot of black and white thinking that seems to be present in society which is not for the best.  I don’t really want to get political, so I’ll keep my comments to generalities.  Black and white thinking often leads to snap judgements, prejudice, a refusal to engage in discussion, to find compromise, or to become more progressive.  So my collage became one of viewing the world in black and white. I flicked through my pile of magazines to try to find a variety of images – the film strips and Vivian Maier showing the act of seeing, beautiful ones (the good black and white stuff!), some reflecting those which feed prejudice and then the image of Casey Legler to represent the opportunity to see the world beyond rigid black and white categories.  I hope you like it and that my thought process makes sense! I’d love to hear what you think.