Hello!  I’m Carolyn. Pleased to meet you! I live in Melbourne and have enjoyed being a stay at home mum for the past 19 years. My kids are standing at the doorway to the adult world, and my taxi services are required less and less, which means I now have the chance to revisit the pastimes that kept me absorbed when I was younger – reading, knitting, crocheting – and  to explore my new interests, drawing, collaging, online groups and creating this blog!  So that is what I’ll be writing about – how I occupy myself now that my chickens are spreading their wings and flying further, and more often, from home.  You might find some book reviews, woolly patterns, fledgling artistic efforts and musings on weekly happenings. And I figure that if I write about these activities, my brain won’t turn to mush and I will have a lovely memory of my experiences and creative endeavours!  Wins all round! Aside from the bloggy stuff, I like to eat dark chocolate after dinner, wish for an endless supply of mugs of hot tea and enjoy practising yoga.  I love a bit of online conversation, so don’t be hesitant to leave a comment on my posts, contact me at irisandedie@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram. Hope to see you again!

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