What I Did in 2018





Wizz! What was that? Yep, another year flashing by! The older you get, the quicker they zoom by, hey? So time to take a moment, sit back and recollect what just happened!

  1. Jumped on the trampoline with my little charges.
  2. Shut the covers of two books mid read. I hate doing this but they were just taking TOO LONG to go anywhere!
  3. Walked part of the bayside trail which was lovely!
  4. Made a new friend out of a teeth-gnashing situation. Cloud, silver lining. That’s what I always say! 
  5. Started HRT after much umm-ing and aah-ing because apparently lots of walking and cheese-eating won’t stop my bones getting crumbly!
  6. Danced at the ABBA museum!
  7. Felt the hygge in Copenhagen.
  8. Watched my boy graduate. Yep, a tear did spring to my eyes as he swept towards us in his academic gown!
  9. Farewelled my girl as she embarked upon four months of London life.
  10. Missed having a natter to my girl. Messenger and Face Time are great but it’s not the same as those casual chats that just happen.
  11. Enjoyed having one-on-one time with my boy. And that he tolerated all my hugs!
  12. Wondered as to the cause of my mum’s continuing health issues.
  13. Appreciated the beautiful gardens we have in Melbourne. I love walking down St Kilda Road and around the Tan and taking in the loveliness of the Botanic Gardens, King’s Domain, and Alexandra Gardens. 
  14. Enjoyed a gorgeous birthday lunch with friends where we decided Pimms isn’t really alcoholic because it is too delicious and sweet and fruity.
  15. Planted some plants and THEY SURVIVED! I’m now Seasol-ing and pruning and reading gardening advice like any green thumb!
  16. Pondered how to adjust to my new life as people start living outside the nest.
  17. Administered pain relief, ice packs and mushy food to two kiddies recovering from the removal of wisdom teeth.
  18. Talked and talked and talked with my man through career agonies.
  19. Made a cushion cover for my brother. He was delighted.
  20. Became acquainted with the hooded plover and pie eyed oyster catcher! We have become quite the bird watchers as our walks and mini breaks have taken us out of the suburbs!

Maybe you’d like to sit back with a cuppa and call to mind the little moments that made up your 2018. And may 2019 bring you many happy happenings to enjoy!



3 thoughts on “What I Did in 2018

  1. What a great idea to contemplate the year that has been. Christmas and the end of the year can be so hectic and then I seem to be racing forward to goals and plans for 2019. Even if i don’t blog it, I’m going to take some time for this. Your year has been a full one for sure! Lots to remember. Happy 2019 to you, xx


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