Taking Stock: January ‘18

52FA7955-F41F-4C28-B6D7-AA5FD97762A3.jpegToday was one of those days where I woke up feeling a bit flat. Do you have those too? There was no reason for me to feel down in the dumps but I just did. Maybe it was hormones? Australian Open hangover? Lack of sleep after the heat of the past couple of days – and yep, we did lose power at our place. Sweaty, sweaty, sweaty with no air con! So I thought, as I was out on my morning walk, feeling like I was about to burst into tears 😩, that it might be a good time to take stock to give myself a bit of a rev up!

Cooking: well, about to start cooking bolognese because cool weather means a more hearty meal.

Drinking: green tea at the moment. And I’ve also been drinking water with fruit chucked in it. Yep, it’s a 2018 thing happening in my kitchen. Today’s combo – pineapple and lime.

Eating: the ice cream birthday cake from my girl’s birthday yesterday. That necessitated a quick trip to my mum’s to pop it in her freezer during the power blackout.

Making: a weaving with purple wool to pay homage to ultraviolet being the Pantone colour of the year.

Reading: about to start Force of Nature which I just bought at the local bookshop with my babysitting money from this morning’s work. Thought it might pep me up!

Watching: lots of tennis! But now we need to find something else. Maybe Search Party? I did see Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri the other day and it was great. Frances McDormand… LOVE!

Listening: to birdsong with my little people this morning. How much fun it is to see kiddies observing the world around them!

Hearing: tv in the background. My man clacking away on his keyboard.

Knowing: it is our wedding anniversary on Thursday. 26 years. I think that’s a long time.

Hoping: everyone has a happy, healthy year.

Wanting: to see all the movies – I, TonyaThe PostSweet Country. It’s Oscars season and this year there seem to be some really compelling movies out there.

Wondering: how to develop my creative endeavours this year. A few classes, inspiring excursions, looking through books in the library?

Loving: this new ad campaign for CGU Insurance. I know that sounds completely weird to love an insurance ad, but it’s so great to give applause to migrants after the many negative messages that are presented in the media. I hope it brings a bit more humanity into people’s hearts.

Liking: the freshness in the air after some pretty humid days.

Laughing: at being called ‘a legend’. Chuffed!

Looking: at the photo of one of my weavings hanging on Shani’s wall. It makes my heart sing to see it in its new home!

Feeling: super happy for a friend who has just announced she’s having a bub!

No reason for me to be feeling slumpy at all! Lots of good things happening here! I hope your 2018 has started swimmingly. Maybe you want to take a leaf out of Pip’s book and take stock as well?





5 thoughts on “Taking Stock: January ‘18

  1. We saw Three Billboards too, and absolutely loved it. Frances McDormand – smashing it out of the park! I’m sometimes flat for no real reason too. If you’re ever slumpy and want company, we could catch up over lunch or coffee 🙂

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  2. Those unexpected, unexplainable meh days are no fun at all. I’m glad you found a way to rev yourself up. I’m reading a book with lots of references to birds and birdsong at the moment and it is a nice reminder to be present to the sounds of nature. I hope you find some inspiration at the library. Yay for taking stock and creative endeavours! x

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