Taking Stock: January ‘18

52FA7955-F41F-4C28-B6D7-AA5FD97762A3.jpegToday was one of those days where I woke up feeling a bit flat. Do you have those too? There was no reason for me to feel down in the dumps but I just did. Maybe it was hormones? Australian Open hangover? Lack of sleep after the heat of the past couple of days – and yep, we did lose power at our place. Sweaty, sweaty, sweaty with no air con! So I thought, as I was out on my morning walk, feeling like I was about to burst into tears 😩, that it might be a good time to take stock to give myself a bit of a rev up!

Cooking: well, about to start cooking bolognese because cool weather means a more hearty meal.

Drinking: green tea at the moment. And I’ve also been drinking water with fruit chucked in it. Yep, it’s a 2018 thing happening in my kitchen. Today’s combo – pineapple and lime.

Eating: the ice cream birthday cake from my girl’s birthday yesterday. That necessitated a quick trip to my mum’s to pop it in her freezer during the power blackout.

Making: a weaving with purple wool to pay homage to ultraviolet being the Pantone colour of the year.

Reading: about to start Force of Nature which I just bought at the local bookshop with my babysitting money from this morning’s work. Thought it might pep me up!

Watching: lots of tennis! But now we need to find something else. Maybe Search Party? I did see Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri the other day and it was great. Frances McDormand… LOVE!

Listening: to birdsong with my little people this morning. How much fun it is to see kiddies observing the world around them!

Hearing: tv in the background. My man clacking away on his keyboard.

Knowing: it is our wedding anniversary on Thursday. 26 years. I think that’s a long time.

Hoping: everyone has a happy, healthy year.

Wanting: to see all the movies – I, TonyaThe PostSweet Country. It’s Oscars season and this year there seem to be some really compelling movies out there.

Wondering: how to develop my creative endeavours this year. A few classes, inspiring excursions, looking through books in the library?

Loving: this new ad campaign for CGU Insurance. I know that sounds completely weird to love an insurance ad, but it’s so great to give applause to migrants after the many negative messages that are presented in the media. I hope it brings a bit more humanity into people’s hearts.

Liking: the freshness in the air after some pretty humid days.

Laughing: at being called ‘a legend’. Chuffed!

Looking: at the photo of one of my weavings hanging on Shani’s wall. It makes my heart sing to see it in its new home!

Feeling: super happy for a friend who has just announced she’s having a bub!

No reason for me to be feeling slumpy at all! Lots of good things happening here! I hope your 2018 has started swimmingly. Maybe you want to take a leaf out of Pip’s book and take stock as well?





What I did in 2017


So this is a thing I like to do. Rather than coming up with resolutions for the new year and wondering what lies ahead, I like to reflect upon the year that was – to think about what I enjoyed, achieved, and maybe even what was a bit challenging. And whilst we are already one week into the year, and 2017 is starting to feel like a bit of a distant memory, I think I can recall just enough to make up twenty noteworthy happenings. Here we go!

  1. Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge in very heavy snow. The rest of the family LOVED the snow but I must confess, no matter how rugged up I am, I do not handle cold well and I may have shed a little tear whilst they emitted exclamations of joy!
  2. Enjoyed not being a school mum anymore. It was fun – for the most part – at the time but I’m not unhappy to see the back of concerts, sports days and parent teacher interviews.
  3. Cheered when my girl got her driver’s licence. No more driving supervision. Woohoo!
  4. Worried when my girl got her driver’s licence.
  5. Worried when my man suddenly didn’t have a job. Gulp!
  6. Sighed with relief when the employment gods shone upon him after not too many months of job hunting. What an exhausting, rollercoaster ride that is!
  7. Enjoyed our first child free holiday in Tassie. We have had nights away from them in the last twenty one years but not an actual holiday.
  8. Joined a book club and met friendly new people. Thanks Isabel!
  9. Played chauffeur to my man when he broke his foot. moon boots are a bit cumbersome!
  10. Opened an etsy shop!
  11. Celebrated my girl’s 18th, my boy’s 21st and our 25th wedding anniversary. What a year of milestones!
  12. Held a new baby for the the first time in years! When I came home my girl said ‘your clothes smell different’. Yep, new baby smell! Heavenly!
  13. Volunteered at the Melbourne Writers Festival.
  14. Walked more steps than I ever have before because apparently my bones are a bit on the soft side. Gah! Ageing!
  15. Learned I can kill weeds with boiling water. Best discovery ever! I like a tidy garden but I DO NOT like gardening. And pulling weeds out of the cracks in paving? much hrrumphing under my breath!
  16. Probably wasted too much time scrolling through social media. That is a new year’s resolution if I have to have one!
  17. Reached my reading goal on Goodreads.
  18. Binge watched TV shows – The Crown, The Americans, The Handmaid’s Tale, Before We Die. This is what happens when my man is free to watch TV at night rather than working.
  19. Bought a long coveted lamp from Retro Print Revival.
  20. Watched the passing in parliament of the same-sex marriage legislation and shed a tear of happiness – and relief.

So 2017, I now bid you adieu. There were some ups, some downs, but you were mostly kind to me and for that I say ‘thank you’.