Ten good things about this weekend


This is the second in an occasional series (that means I wrote another post like this back in March!) about what’s been nice about this weekend. I’m sure there have been other pleasant weekends in between but this one has been choc full of good stuff!

  1. Meeting new people at my friend Isabel’s book club.
  2. Eating dumplings with the same new book club buddies.
  3. Movie date with another friend. We saw Murder on the Orient Express. It was entertaining, the costumes were lovely and I liked that Michelle Pfeiffer’s face had lots of movement to it. And she still looked gorgeous.
  4. Not getting hit by a car as my friend and I jumped off the tram. Phew! That would have put a dampener on the weekend!
  5. Buying this book for next month’s book club. I think it looks super interesting.
  6. Coffee in the gardens with my man.
  7. Warming sunshine with a gentle cooling breeze.
  8. Catching up with a friend for her birthday, drinking wine and munching through a burrito bowl.
  9. Watching the second season of Happy Valley.
  10. An early finish at work for my girl which saved us from a late night pick up.

And now it’s time to settle down now in front of Postcards. It’s our traditional finish to the weekend. Yep, it’s all pretty much advertorial but it’s nice to find out about local places to visit. And there’s always the anticipation of whether Bec will do the one or two handed wave with her ‘bye, bye for now’! How’s your weekend been? Have you had some chill time? Has it been a social one? Or has some solo time allowed you to recharge for the week?



10 thoughts on “Ten good things about this weekend

  1. Gosh, I’m glad you didn’t get hit by the tram too!!! Sounds like a lovely weekend though. I’m wondering what we are going to read next at book club too. The boys often love sci-fi and i have to head them off 🙂

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    1. The offending driver did get a stern telling off from the tram driver! Not a sci-fi fan myself! Closest I’ve come is The Handmaid’s Tale which is one of my top books!


  2. Yay for book club! Still waiting for St Kilda library to get The Trauma Cleaner to me, but here’s hoping it comes in time. Can’t wait. Boo for bad drivers who don’t stop at tram stops! If it makes you feel any better, I was on a tram the other day, it slowed down to stop at a stop, a couple stepped out to get on the tram and a car went whoosing past…so dangerous. They were fine, but very angry, waving arms at the driver. When they got on board and sat opposite me, realised it was Simon Crean (ex-Labor minister) and his wife, on their way out to dinner! They were not impressed at all!

    Also, saw Murder on the Orient Express with Mum last week. So good! Just a really old-fashioned, entertaining, beautifully directed film. As Leigh likes to say on C10L3, “felt like I got my money’s worth” 🙂

    Have a great week and stay cool, Carolyn! x


    1. I will join Mr Crean and his wife in the ‘not impressed’ club. The lady didn’t even acknowledge my friend and I when she drove off! And yep, just an enjoyable film. Lovely costumes and Olivia Colman was an added bonus! I love her! She always has such authenticity in her performances.


      1. Olivia Colman is the BEST isn’t she? I love that she’s uni friends with David Mitchell and Robert Webb who I also love. Do you ever watch Would I Lie to You? She’s on the panel in one episode and she’s just gorgeous. So funny and genuine. Love her. It’s this one if you’re interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vSoZTZ2Oqs


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