Hello weaving!

Hey gang! How are you? I have been well. Yep. My man is back at work and the kids are at uni, so we’ve been getting back into a working week/weekend rhythm which has been nice. And I’ve discovered weaving! I’m a bit in love with it.

A couple of months back I went to a little one day beginners workshop with the lovely Anna at The Studio Workshops. If you’re a Melbourne person, you should check her out. She runs all sorts of different crafty workshops for adults and kids (including kids’ birthday parties) – polymer jewellery, gift tags, fluffy animals. And they usually involve yummy food and beverage consumption too! But back to weaving. I think what I like about weaving is the creativity that it allows. I’m not following any pattern, but just making it up as I go along. I might start with an idea in my head and a sketch in my notebook but it invariably changes as I start threading the weft over and under the warp and different combination of colours, techniques or shapes spring to mind. Which is code for saying my original idea was crap and a lot of undoing has taken place!! But weaving is forgiving that way and for that I thank it! Unsurprisingly, it is quite meditative to take a length yarn ‘over, under, over, under’. And, since I am working on a lap loom, it’s a nice activity to do whilst watching some telly in the evening. Bonus!

So which one do you like best? I’d love to know! Have you fallen in love with anything new recently?


13 thoughts on “Hello weaving!

  1. I like the blue one the best, mainly because of the colours I think. No haven’t fallen in love with anything new lately. Actually on second thoughts I’ve recently started attending a second yoga class in a different venue with a new to me teacher and I’m pretty in love with that. Does that count I wonder? It’s not really crafty.
    Cheers Kate


  2. They all look very cool! I like the blue toned one – there is a box somewhere in my house with an A4 sized woven piece, blue with fluffy white clouds, I made in art at uni many years ago, yours reminds me of that!!!
    I sewed my first quilt recently and was pretty excited with the process and result. I am planning on making more, and have started re sorting my stash to include a box of ” fabric pieces to use for a quilt” !!!


  3. Hi Carolyn, these are all so beautiful! I love the first one for the pom-pom effect, the second one because it looks sky and cloud-like, the third one for the fringing and the last one for the weaving ribbon like effect. So basically, I like them all! I really want to do some weaving but feel like I should finish my quilt first. I’ll definitely look into that workshop, though! Thanks for sharing your creativity – you’re very inspiring!


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