Taking Stock: May ’17


Brr! It is a chilly ol’ day in Melbourne! The sky is blue at the moment but the air is chill and there are predictions of hail later in the day. That’s okay by me because I can stay tucked up inside for the rest of the day. I am going to sit inside with my cup of tea, pop something to slow cook on the stove, and continue with a bit of crochet… and laundry duties! But before that, a ‘take stock’ of what has been a bit of an up and down month for us.

Making: this blanket. So many colours! I made up my own colour combo so it’s taken a few trips to the wool shop to pick up the colours that I think work together

Eating: left over cauliflower, potato, leek and bacon soup

Drinking: chilli hot chocolate. Love that hint of a spicy finish!

Cooking: beef casserole for dinner with math and peas

Listening; to Lindy West on This American Life and Nettie Wakefield on The Jealous Curator. Have you seen her gorgeous pencil drawings? You should check them out here

Watching: Masterchef – yep, sucked in again for another year! – and Thicker than Water

Smelling: a combo of the peanut butter and choc chip cookies I baked this morning and my boy’s pesto pasta

Hearing: keyboards clacking from all members of the family

Cringing: at the clip of Trump shoving the PM of Montenegro. It’s the smug look on his face and the jacket buttoning. Can’t stop myself from repeat viewing!

Waiting: to read an email from my parents. They’re on their first day of a four week trip to Canada.

Reading: Nine Parts of Desire and They Cannot Take the Sky

Loving: that my girl now has her licence! No more ferrying her to Pilates and singing lessons!

Worrying: that my girl now has her licence! Now my ears are pricked up waiting for two people to drive in the driveway!

Coveting: this coat

Knowing: my man is gong to get rained on when he goes out for a run

Laughing: at my thirty year school reunion. Thirty years! Can you believe that? I’m sure when I used to look at the photos of the old girls at the reunions in our school newsletter they looked SO OLD! Not like us groovy bunch.

Trying: to cut back on my food waste. Mushing up lots of vegies for soup, buying in smaller quantities, and putting together leftovers for lunches

Buying: tickets to this with Kat Stewart and this

Enjoying: a new volunteer role with Behind the Wire

Hoping; my man will find a less stressful job soon

Looking: forward to a long weekend away with my man

And that’s May almost done and dusted! How’s the last month been for you?



8 thoughts on “Taking Stock: May ’17

  1. I’m guessing you have been watching War on Waste? We have been watching it too, then today watched a video in my sociology Tute about zero waste (listen to me being all Uni studentish). Actually in my student days I did a bit of shopping from food co-ops, using glass jars. Anyhow, yes May is nearly done and I’m looking forward to the end of semester and catching up on the fun stuff. I’ll add the jealous curator to my list.
    Ps. Love that blanket!


    1. So uni student! I haven’t actually been watching it! But I have been reading about it. And I have my keep cups fro my takeaway coffees – $3 for a coffee if I take my own cup. I just got sick of throwing stuff out – waste of produce and money! Now I have more money to buy wool! I’m sure you’ll be very relieved once semester is over!

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  2. Hey Carolyn! Your blanket is so eclectic and cheerful looking, perfect for winter. My pal Erin and I are heading to the Behind the Wire exhibition this weekend, so maybe we’ll see you there! Good on you for cutting back on food waste. I’ve been trying to do the same. Watched that ABC show War on Waste and couldn’t believe you can recycle all kinds of ‘soft plastic’ at Coles and I never knew! So have added a third bin to our kitchen and soft plastics go in there and then down to Coles when it’s full. A bit annoying but worth it, I think. Land fill is gross. Happy weekend to you, Carolyn! x


    1. Hey Isabel!! I went to the opening night of the Emerging Writers’ Festival on Wednesday – Michael Green was speaking with recorded messages from Aziz from The Messenger podcast. Have you listened to that? Honestly, hang my head in shame the way we have treated the asylum seekers. I have really enjoyed being part of the project to bring their stories to others. Trouble is I suspect the people reading them are not the ones who need to be convinced about our inhumanity 😪. I’m just checking in the fridge and using up what I have more. Buying slightly less and going a bit more often to fruit and veg shop – not too much of a hassle – and I think I am saving money. Yay! Hope the tracing is going well! xx


      1. Erin and I loved the exhibition, very sad but also uplifting in a way. But yes, agree with you that the people who would go to such an exhibition are not the ones who need their minds changed. I haven’t listened to The Messenger, no, but always up for a new podcast. Did you mean how’s the teaching going? I quit. Not for me. I’m blogging again at http://www.isabelrobinson.net and Erin and I are starting our podcast up again…nice to have more time to do the things I love! Teaching high school is all-consuming! xox

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  3. Excellent to hear you are blogging again! Will head on over! Can understand the all consuming nature of teaching but at least you gave it a go. Looking forward to hearing the podcast again too!


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