Taking Stock: March ’17


Hey gang! How are you going? I have been feeling pretty good. Yep, I have. I’m enjoying the post-school life. There seems to be a lot more free time. Not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because I’m not having to run around sourcing costumes and dress up day clothes, which seemed to be needed with annoying frequency! So it’s good. But me being me, the guilt thoughts are starting to creep in, and there’s that little voice saying ‘everyone else is working, you need to be doing something!’ Because for some reason I don’t count cleaning the house, doing the washing, the garden, the cooking as doing anything! So I’ve started clearing out the attic to assuage the guilt. So much stuff up there! I’ve been making lots of trips to the Salvos!

So apart from becoming a manic attic cleaner, what’s been happening with my freed up time?

Making: still working away on my cosy stripe blanket. Had to undo about eight bands of colour the other night because I’d miscounted. Grrrr!

Eating: grapes

Drinking: tea

Cooking: rigatoni with salami, tomato and chilli

Hearing: the wind outside. It’s getting quite blowy out there

Listening: to lots of podcasts! This American LifeS-Town (think this is going to be good!), Chat 10 Looks 3, and The Messenger (an ‘interview’ with an asylum seeker detained on Manus Island)

Watching: This Is Us. I LOVE this! The relationship between Jack and child Kate, Randall (loved the night in the hotel excitement!), William, Kevin. All so good!

Reading: A Spool of Blue Thread

Looking: forward to a beginners weaving class next month

Loving: cuddling a sleeping baby at a new family I’m working with

Wearing: skirt, singlet, cardigan and beads

Noticing: I don’t know when school holidays are

Planning: a couple of short trips my man and I could take when work becomes less consuming for him

Wishing: the painter hadn’t found so much dry rot when he’d washed down the house! Eek! But what can you do? We have lovely new fretwork and window architraves now!

Opening: our garden waste bin a lot now that the leaves are falling and the raking has begun

Knowing: I need to make sure I don’t lose contact with my school mum friends

Has March been good for you? Do tell!


10 thoughts on “Taking Stock: March ’17

  1. HI Carolyn,
    My baby is in year 11 this year and I’m finding myself with a lot more time too. I’m also having a little bit of an internal battle with myself about the “not doing anything” thoughts because I don’t work in paid employment.
    I’ve just now ordered some wool to make a cosy stripe blanket. I already have so many crochet blankets, but you know it’s cheaper than therapy hehe.
    Thanks for the podcasts recommendations, although my phone isn’t happy about the new additions, a space issue apparently! I had forgotten about Chat 10 Looks 3, must have deleted that one last time I needed more space. I do love those two girls though.
    Bugger about the dry rot, but better to find it now than later.
    I does take a bit more work to keep those school mum friendships ticking over but so worth it.
    Anyway thanks for sharing your taking stock.
    cheers Kate


  2. It’s the old issue of feeling that something is valued only if we are getting money for doing it, isn’t it? If we were nannies or teachers or cleaners or chefs we’d have a job but if we’re doing that as a mum, it’s not seen in the same way. Blankets are good! I make them and donate them – but now my daughter says I never make anything for us! I love Sales and Crabb too. I don’t know how they manage to read/watch/listen to so much stuff and still work and raise kids! Enjoy being the mum of nearly-grown-ups. It’s fun! Thanks for stopping by x


  3. I just finished S Town and it was so good, This American Life is my go to podcast when I am walking the dog! Clearing out the attic sounds like you are doing some great clear out work. The weaving class sounds like a good one.


    1. I have one more ep to go. What a shocking, twisting, turning story it has been! Yep, i’m a bit of a TAL fan whilst out for walks. I saw Ira’s show when he came to Melbourne last year. Never fond weaving before so it should be good!


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