Ten good things about this weekend


What a BEAUTIFUL autumn weekend we have had in Melbourne! Low 30 degree days but a cool night for comfy sleeping. Thank you, weather gods! Lots of my weekends over the past four years have been centred around school activities and the stress surrounding the assessments the kiddies were facing in the coming week. Now we’ve hit uni life it’s not quite so intense on a week-to-week basis. Phew, phew, phew! And I was thinking this afternoon, that this has probably been one of the nicest weekends I have had in quite a long time. Here’s my ten reasons why.

  1. Perfect weather
  2. Having my man at home and fully awake. He’s been away or jet-lagged for quite a few weekends this year.
  3. Sitting in Canterbury Gardens with my man on Saturday afternoon beneath a shady oak – and watching two lovebirds getting hitched!
  4. A swim in our pool. I think it’s about two years since I’ve jumped in the pool (not literally – I only ever tentatively slip in). Stuck my toe in today after cleaning up the dog poo and thought it felt delightfully warm so popped the togs on and floated and splashed around.
  5. Morning walks and coffees with my man.
  6. Homemade burgers for tea with the family.
  7. Babysitting two perfectly behaved littlies on Saturday night.
  8. Flipping through the latest Frankie and Peppermint.
  9. A fresh couple of coats of green polish on my toenails (had to make sure that didn’t sound like I had some weird mouldy infection!)
  10. Booking our summer holiday – and thinking about destinations for some long weekend breaks.

Now I am off to unpack the dishwasher (yep, there are still chores to squeeze in between the nice bits) before squeezing in an episode or two of The Good Wife before bed. Yep, seriously behind on that one. Praise be to Netflix! I hope you have been able to find ten sunshiny moments in your weekend.


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