Taking Stock: December ’16 -The New York Edition!


Howdy! How are you all? Recovered from Christmas? Planning new year’s celebrations? We have escaped the Melbourne heat for the New York winter and are happily residing in the Upper West Side whilst experiencing as much as we can of the city’s attractions. The list is never ending! But we’re also trying not to be too rushed so that we can afford to have some lazy mornings. I have felt quite tired out by this year so am appreciating a few sleeps in – and the opportunity to ‘take stock’ before 2017 descends! Thanks to Pip Lincolne for the idea. She’s full of ideas, that one!

Cooking: prepared meals from Fairway

Drinking: hot chocolate

Watching: US telly

Reading: NY tourist guide books and websites, and The Life and Death of Sophie Stark by Brooklyn author Anna North – which seems kinda appropriate!

Buying: these coasters from the Guggenheim store

Coveting: pretty much everything at Anthropologie

Wondering: how we’ll fit in everything we want to see!

Enjoying: warm rooms after the cold outdoors

Looking: forward to seeing a handful of musicals with my girl

Hoping: for some more space for creative pursuits next year. I lost my mojo towards the end of this year

Making: time to record memories of our time away in my notebook

Giggling: at the bass player serenading a woman on the subway and the Salavation Army guy outside Macy’s dancing to Happy by Pharrell

Hearing: horns honking and the occasional whooping of sirens

Wearing: layers! Tights, jeans, singlet, long sleeve tee, jumper – and then a coat and scarf. Haven’t cracked out the beanie or gloves yet but I think they may need to come out tonight!

Disliking: holes in my jumper. They just appeared today. I think it was the weight of my bag and coat rubbing against my shoulder 🙁

Noticing: the snow outside our window! Much excitement! The rest of the family has run downstairs for photos!

Feeling: the crush of people. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such crowds! The other day outside Radio City, there was not enough room for pedestrians cross the road and to all fit on the footpath!

Paying: tips! I understand why we need to do it but I still don’t understand why the minimum wage isn’t increased. Happy for the employer pass on the cost to me. I’m paying anyway!

So. That’s where we’re at at the end of 2016! Maybe you want to take stock before the new year starts too? I’m looking forward to visiting MoMA and Purl Soho in the coming days and hoping that they’ll inspire me for the year ahead! Enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebrations and see you in 2017!


5 thoughts on “Taking Stock: December ’16 -The New York Edition!

  1. You were in NYC!! Our trip Feb 16 was our first and there is just so much to see isn’t there? Every street or scene feels like something from a ‘movie’ and don’t get me started on the glory of museums. Loved the Guggenheim and MOMA. Thanks for taking me back there!


    1. It’s an amazing city, isn’t it? Managed to get to The Met, Guggenheim and MoMA but you can only scratch the surface on one visit, can’t you? And there’s still Neue Gallerie and Whitney that I would love to have gone to. And then there’s the theatre and shopping…


  2. Thanks for the book recommendation, I think I have borrowed that book from the library before but I didn’t read it, I have nearly finished my current read ‘Britt-Marie was Here’, so I need a new read. I agree about tipping, I have lived here for nearly 15 years and I still have no idea how much I am supposed to tip and sometimes if I am supposed to or not!


    1. ‘Sophie Stark’ is pretty good. Worth reading. I was a bit confused when we bought lunch at the Guggenheim – not sure if we were meant to tip for just counter service. And when we had our laundry delivered – I think I was meant to tip but the guy ran off before I had a chance to!


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