This was Monday night


On Monday morning my girl’s Year 12 result flashed up on her phone. The stresses and self doubt of the last couple of years lifted from our shoulders as she ran to us, her face a combination of happiness, shock and relief. It was enough for her to be able to study her course of choice at her uni of choice. Hugs, moist eyes, and the eloquently expressed congratulations of her brother – ‘I f****** told you!’ – as he flung his arms around her! By evening, the boy had headed to work and the girl was out having dinner with a friend. Just me and the man at home, and he was beavering away in the study. ‘Think I’ll have a glass of wine,’ I said. ‘Think I’ll finish watching Gilmore Girls,’ I said. ‘Actually, think I’ll have A BATH whilst watching Gilmore Girls,’ I thought. The girl texted that she had decided to go back to her friend’s for the night so I didn’t need to do a pick up but could take my book to bed and, with any luck, nod off before the snores that usually hinder my attempts to sleep, commenced!

What is this strange new world? Where is the routine? The predictability? It’s like we’re living in a share house – with less disputes about food and bills! – rather than the mum/dad/kids home of just a few weeks ago. I am acting super chill about their social plans but inside my mummy-bird voice is twittering ‘please come home safely’ and peaceful sleep does not arrive for me until I hear the key in the front door – and then its slam and thumping footsteps down the hall.

And so to all of you labouring under the weight of end of year school concerts, sports break ups, kriskringles, money collections for teacher presents, I remember the precision planning required to coordinate it all. I remember the ‘Really? You need a costume for tomorrow morning?’ I remember being unable to imagine that life would ever be any different. But different it becomes, and a strange new world of wine, tv and soaky baths awaits!


*Added bonus – no more school lunches and trying to think of what to pack for snack. Gosh, that was a pain!

9 thoughts on “This was Monday night

  1. Aw Carolyn they are all grown up , I’d bet they are good happy kids & you can say you did a good job !

    Congrats to your girl , such an exciting time ahead of her …..

    I have it all ahead of me, my little fella will be starting school next sept … my oldest is in a speech/language school but will be attending asd unit come sept. I have mixed feelings on this but gotta keep on going don’t we.

    Wishing you & the family a lovely Christmas


    1. We are very pleased for her, Sarah. looking forward to a more flexible routine in the coming years which will, hopefully, allow her to pace herself and bring about a more settled mind. I think you will understand!


  2. This took me back to 2014, when I was in your daughter’s place. Your share house analogy makes perfect sense, it definitely feels like now my household is less child+parent but my Mum and I living together with our Ven-diagram lives (part together, part seperated). It’s a different way of living, but just as or even more rewarding.

    I would definitely say, as someone who has been there, that receiving the scores feels like an end to the stress but then soon you’re stressing about the uni placements!! If your daughter is going through the uni placement system, keep supporting her as now it’s a weird limbo period until she gets an offer, and for me personally that was just as bad as waiting for the scores!! Although I wouldn’t be surprised if your daughter is more well-adjusted and calmer than me 😉.


    1. My boy did year 12 in 2014 just like you … and he was in that weird borderline land. It was agonising! Would he get in to his first preference or not? He did! Fortunately my daughter has more breathing room so we can relax. ‘Calm’ is not a word I would use for her! She would have been a mess if she had been in limbo land. And uni is tough, isn’t it, when you’re trying to keep marks up to be able to take the next step! So the support will stay.
      I love your Venn diagram analogy! It is exactly like that! Tonight we all had dinner together at the same time but maybe tomorrow we will slip,past each other! Thanks for your comment x


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