Taking Stock: November ’16


Gah! Nearly the end of November so JUST squeezing this in in time! I had hoped that I might have popped out a couple of posts this month but, alas, ’twas not to be! Life is full of surprises that divert us from our plans. I did think this week would be a quiet one with my girl away with friends for the week celebrating the end of school, and my boy at work. But yesterday afternoon the texts started coming in that she wasn’t feeling well – some sort of tummy bug – so we’ve been on a rescue and retrieve mission today! And the boy came down with a fever last night so can’t go in to work. Meanwhile, the man is working from home because he’s put his back out! So there is much fun and games at our place! Aside from all of that shemozzle, here’s where life’s at in these last few hours of November.

Making: this little guy in orange wool for Softies for Mirabel

Eating: eggs and spinach with buttery toast

Drinking: water with slices of lemon. Making the plain exotic!

Cooking: bland stuff for the ill one – fish, potatoes, stewed apples. Delicious!

Buying: Hydralyte!

Watching: Shetland. My man is working himself into a lather over the bleak weather on display. My girl feels letdown at the lack of ponies and dogs shown!

Reading: Frankie and Flow. Just finished This House of Grief but events of the last couple of days have prevented me getting on to something new, book-wise. I feel I need something light and breezy. Any suggestions?

Hearing: my girl tapping away on her keyboard, my man on a work call

Looking: at the pictures on my wall that have decided to hang at a jaunty angle

Wishing: for a tinsy bit of solitude

Needing: to get to my facial appointment tomorrow for above mentioned bit of solitude!

Wondering: when I’ll get my Christmas shopping done. That was what I was meant to be doing today…

Pondering: what to buy for the fam for Christmas. They are very unhelpful in providing any suggestions!

Bookmarking: recipes for Christmas Day. I like the look of this and this. My mum and I share the load. She does the meat and I do the salads.

Wanting: to finish watching Gilmore Girls so I can finally read all the critiques. I’ve got through ‘Winter’ but that’s all so far 🙁

Hoping: everyone returns to health tout suite. Let’s end this year on a high!

How’s your November been? Smooth sailing or hiccups?