Taking Stock: October ’16


Hello lovelies! How are you going? Are you getting your Halloween on? It’s certainly gaining in popularity here in Melbourne. I’ve been noticing on my walks around the street that people have already been decorating their houses. That’s a bit different from previous years when the decorations only seemed to pop up on the day. I’ll make sure we have lollies ready to go but we won’t be doing anything else. Both kiddies have their heads buried in books, notes, or tapping away at keyboards as they’re in the middle of their end of year assessments. The pressure to achieve particular marks to get into courses or higher levels of study – eugh! I always fall into a state of inertia at this time of the year, tip-toeing around the house, delivering sustaining snacks and making cups of tea, doling out the hugs when the a bit of emotional support is needed.   There hasn’t been much levity in our house of late! So what has been sustaining me?

Making: crochet flowers for this project

Drinking: champagne with other parents whilst our girls were in their English exam!

Eating: chocolate

Cooking: my girl’s favourites – anything with chicken, salmon or pasta!

Watching: not a lot. Just started Deep Water which has a stellar Australian cast

Reading: This House of Grief by Helen Garner. I thought it may be a bit macabre and voyeuristic but I’ve been assured the focus is more on the legal and criminal procedure of the case rather than the case itself

Wearing: activewear!

Hearing: the washing machine thudding and whirring

Looking: at the blue sky and sunshine out my window

Hoping: both kiddies are satisfied with their efforts at the end of the year

Needing: to put a bit more thought into holiday planning for the end of the year

Looking: forward to a birthday lunch with friends later today

Wishing: my girl was not so critical of herself

Feeling: a bit emotionally drained. It’s been a demanding few years

Wanting: a magic wand so that I could give the other three people in this house what they want

Knowing: that not getting a particular mark is not the end of the world. Just have to convince others of that!

Hmm. Seems to be a bit of a theme running through that! Guess that’s just where we are at at the moment – and that’s what ‘taking stock’ is all about, isn’t it? Just taking moment to notice what is going on, being experienced, at a particular point in time. Sometimes they’re cheery, sometimes a little more fraught. What would your ‘taking stock’ look like at the moment? Thanks to Pip for the inspiration!


11 thoughts on “Taking Stock: October ’16

    1. There is, isn’t there, Kate? My boy wants to do an honours year so he’s needing to keep that average mark up which is a continual pressure and the girl is striving to get into a particular course. As adults, we know life goes on but I understand how important it seems for them. I’ve been there! Good luck to you for the coming weeks!


  1. Oh that’s the shape of things to come for me. My girls are in year 10, so it all starts next year. Sustaining snacks and cups of tea – thanks for the heads up.


    1. Don’t want to spook you but my girl said last night ‘Imagine having twins. So many different subjects to have to deal with!’. We try to keep everything pretty chill but it just seems to generate this level of energy that is all-consuming! Or – and again, not to spook you – maybe it’s just girls. Didn’t seem quite so intense with my boy!


  2. Oh I hope they do well with their exams , it’s a stressful time for them.

    That tv program sounds good , I’m watching an Australian one at the minute called The Code. It’s a 4 parter, very good.

    Thanks for your support today too Carolyn much appreciated x


    1. We watched The Code too. We really enjoyed it. Thought the performances were great. Is it the first season? The second season has just aired here but we haven’t watched that yet. I’m in the market for pendants. Have had a couple break and disappear so need to replenish!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Only watched the first 2 episodes, the other ones are on this Saturday so that’s my Saturday night sorted! Thought it was a once off iii have to keep eye out for second series.

        Putting in the post today be interesting to see how long it takes to get there


  3. Nearly there now! Your family are lucky to have such a thoughtful and loving mum. I hope everything goes well for all of them and that soon you will all be toasting the end of exams and the academic year. In the meantime keep up the sustaining things for you so that you can keep sustaining everyone else. xxx


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