Is it busy…or just out of our control?




Oh, hello there! How are you? Has been a little while since I popped in here. Much to my disappointment. I miss being able to write about what’s been going on. But, you know, as Emily said there’s other stuff that gets in the way sometimes.  I’m not going to resort to the ‘oh, I’ve been so busy!’ exclamation – or explanation.  It seems to me that some people choose to wear this statement as a badge of honour or to inflate their sense of self. Maybe that’s not the intention, but that’s the way I see it.  Perhaps I’m being too critical. When you have multiple people living in a home, with varying schedules, varying commitments and varying levels of dependency sometimes the days fill without you having any control over them. That’s the way it’s been here. Other people have been shaping my days, not me! And it made me feel a bit tired – and overwhelmed. At times like these, if I chance to read about the ‘slow’ movement, my eyes start to well. ‘Oh, yes, please!’ my little inner voice cries, but I’m not sure how to make that work with young adults in the family – their lives aren’t quite as subject to our management as when they were younger. And, you know, we rejoice when they have the enthusiasm to embrace the opportunities that are presented to them so…what to do?!

Anyhoo, the last few days, I’ve got to back to having a bit more input into my days so that has been welcome. This is what I’ve chosen to do. And perhaps I’ve been a little extra generous to myself too!

A day in the country I popped on the train and headed out of town to visit the lovely Emily. We had a trawl through an op shop and each picked up a few $3 vintage books. One of the op shop volunteers asked us if we wanted to have some soup because it was ‘free soup Tuesday’. That’s country manners for you! We declined as we had lunch booked at  Mill Rose Cottage– where we did have soup! A delicious mushroom, leek and thyme soup. Tummies filled, we wandered through the shop next door which is fabric heaven for any quilters- or keen sewers (hope you read that word correctly!) out there. The most stunning fabrics – and a Liberty room. We met a lady with two whole albums – like an old swap card album -of Liberty samples she has been putting together over the last few months. Stunning! I bought some gorgeously soft wool to make a cowl. Emily gave me a little travelling watercolour set which she had made for me. Aren’t I lucky?

Solo trip to the movies I took myself off to see Love and Friendship, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s novella, Lady Susan. I may have had a moment or two of noddy in the movie because, you know, still very tired (!) but I certainly saw enough to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Gorgeous costumes, gorgeous language and a truly ridiculous character in Sir James Martin played beautifully by Tom Bennett.

Coffee in the park A spring-like sunny day today so after my yoga class, I headed to the park with a coffee and my book for a little sustenance and read before the fruit and veggie shopping. It was lovely to feel the sun’s warmth and to feel the breeze freshen my spirits. So nice!

So! There we go! I knew last week that there was light at the end of the tunnel but nevertheless, sometimes you get a bit bogged down by it, don’t you? Or maybe you don’t? And what do you think of the whole ‘busy’ thing? Off to bake cookies for the fam now!


21 thoughts on “Is it busy…or just out of our control?

  1. Carolyn, I am struggling to find another word other than busy, too! That’s how my life has been rolling, but when it’s a first-world sort of busy, busy doesn’t quite do justice to how I’m living. And to answer the question, ‘How are you?’ with a ‘I am quite fulfilled, thank you’ doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily!
    Interested to know what you think about your book – I respect both your marriage and your literary knowledge so am keen to see what you make of this book!

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    1. The book – what an interesting read. I’ve been thinking about how to describe it – explanation, instruction manual, dissection. I’ll have to wait until I finish but I think it’s an excellent exploration of marriage and the spousal relationship.
      And, yes, I think the first world aspect is certainly part of my unease with the breathless ‘I’m so busy’ response because there seems to be a creation of busy-ness. When we strip it back, how much of what is being done is essential? Ah, the existential questions! Always have some of those floating through my head as I see people rushing off in the peak hour commute!


  2. I’m smiling reading about you having a moment or two of noddy and seeing your images of the op shop scores and progress on your knitting project. Glad to hear you are feeling less bogged down and are doing nice things for you . Here’s to the light at the end of the tunnel and the sunny moments in between. xx

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  3. Your knitting is the most dreamy snowy white! And I love that they had free soup tuesday – so cute! The old busy thing – man I hated hearing myself say that all time, but I honestly couldn’t seem to get out of the hamster wheel… for a while anyway… I’ve finally managed (albeit a temporary) to get out of that wheel and am now learning what kind of pace suits me. I’m trying to balance being productive with not being a sloth 🙂


    1. I must say I was thinking of your idyllic home when I was writing this! And I love ‘trying to balance being productive with not being a sloth’! I think maybe once we’re freed of the school routine in the next few months I might be able to get out of the hamster wheel too. And the wool is so soft! A cotton/merino combo. Thanks for stopping by x


  4. Gorgeous post and pics, and I love the idea of ‘free soup Tuesdays’ – how great is that? I’m also a big fan of Liberty prints though I have far too much fabric already. Thanks for the little insight into your (and Emily’s) fab day xx


    1. I thought ‘free soup Tuesdays’ was very sweet! It was a little odd seeing a group of people sitting at a table supping on soup in the shop but it did show a nice sense of community!


  5. Oh the curse of the ‘busy’. I hate it, but it is reality. Like you say, sometimes your days fill up with you having any control. I was hoping that when my kids get older that the intensity might ease, but it seems not. Your trip out sounds lovely, and country op shops are the best ones, I think.

    The sun was just glorious today – I bunked off work for an hour and went for a run/walk on the beach – the sunshine was too irresistible!


    1. It’s all the school stuff when they get older, Collette – or at least it has been in our house – and there is very little control over that. And it’s mornings/arvos/weekends – and they go to bed later too! We think mid primary years are the halcyon days!


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