Five good things to do in winter




It is chilly-billy in Melbourne at the moment. Yes it is. The sky has been fluctuating between a threatening shade of dark grey and bursts of blue, and the wind is a-blowing. Am I cracking the sads? Not really because I think there are some pretty nice things to do on cold and blustery days!

Make bolognese Comfort food! I loved it when I was a little and I could smell onions sweating in the pan on the old St George stove. I’m sure my mum sweated onions for a multitude of dishes but I’ve always associated that aroma with bolognese. Now that I’m the one making it, I appreciate the ability to make double quantity and whack half in the freezer for the night I don’t want to cook, and that everyone in the fam likes it. There is some debate over the ratio of sauce to pasta. The females in the house favour more spaghetti, the men, more sauce. What do you like?

Wear tights So much warmer than jeans or pants, right? I think they can add a touch of colour, fun and quirkiness to a grey winter’s day. I’m probably a bit more conservative in the tights wearing department so I tend to go for something along these lines but these are beautiful. The only bum note about tights – what’s with the weird itchiness that sometimes appears out of nowhere on the back of the thighs? Is it the tights? Is it the chair? Is it just me?

Knit or crochet a blanket/scarf It’s about warmth on multiple levels. As it grows, it warms your legs and your hands as you’re click-clacking or hooking away, you end up with a lovely, warming finished product from your hours of labour, and if you’ve made it as a gift for a friend or charity, it warms the cockles of your heart to present it to someone else. Wins all round I say! There are lots of lovely patterns on Ravelry and Love Knitting or you could be creative and make up your own pattern. And before you can make your woolly project, you need to visit the wool shop which is niceness in itself!

Binge watch Pride and Prejudice When this came out 20 years ago (eek!), I remember hearing a radio host saying she watched the whole six hours in one go and I scoffed ‘as if you’d do that!’. Yep, that’ll teach me! I loved it when it came out and I love it still. I was pregnant when it was shown on Sunday nights on the ABC and I had ‘Eliza’ pegged as a name for my possible girl baby. I scratched it because I was convinced that everyone else would be as enamoured with ‘Miss Eliza Bennet’ as I was and that school playgrounds would be filled with Elizas! Turned out not to be the case, and also turned out to be a boy so I had no need to worry! But all these years later, he doesn’t mind a bit of P&P and my girl (not named ‘Eliza’!) loves it too! And because my mother told me you can watch TV as long as you are doing something else, I can binge as long as I’m making that scarf or blanket!

Go for a walk I remember reading an article about playtime in Finnish schools and a teacher declaring that the weather is never too cold, it is simply that you are wearing the wrong clothes. So pop on the hat, scarf, gloves and coat and pound the pavement. It will get the blood flowing and warm you up. And surely having done a bit of exercise it’s then perfectly okay to sit down in front of telly with a bowl of bolognese or some making?

What are your winter tips? Do you have an excellent slow cooked meal? Bingeworthy telly? A favourite way to keep warm?


12 thoughts on “Five good things to do in winter

  1. Lovely, cosy post Carolyn. Comfort food, knitting/crochet, tights and cardis, all my favourite winter things – that would unfortunately do just as well in our British summer at the moment! x


  2. I’ve always hated winter, it depresses me but this year I made the decision to try to embrace it and see the positives and it’s made such a difference! I’m loving making batches of soup, snuggling up in the lounge room from sleepovers and today we went for a drive and our son saw snow for the first time 😀


    1. Good on you, Sarah! That’s the spirit! How exciting for your boy to see his first snow! I do think we are pretty lucky in Melbourne to be able to have so many different weather experiences. We were in Germany a couple of years ago in the winter and whilst we had seen snow on ski and toboggan fields before, there was something very beautiful seeing it covering houses and streets. Bloody freezing tho!


  3. I got to make a tiny snow girl with snow from the bonnet of my car this week and I’ve braced the cold with my down jacket and scarf on. The icy air is invigorating and then home seems a lot warmer when you get back! Gosh I still need to get going on my crochet blanky, your scarf looks lovely – gorgeous colour too! If you solve the mystery of itchy tights let me know, I do think that moisturising first helps.


    1. I agree – the house does seem even warmer after a walk in the crisp air. My yoga teacher of tens says we need to get cold to get warm, encouraging us to reduce our layers of clothing! I will try extra moisturiser!

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  4. Hey Carolyn! You know what, I think the binge-watching Pride and Prejudice is in the air. I did it a couple of weeks ago, then I was talking to some choir friends and they both (separately) had re-watched it that weekend, and then ANOTHER unrelated friend also texted me the other day saying ‘OMG Colin Firth I’m having heart palpitations like a teenager’…! Maybe it’s what people turn to to get them through the winter?! I love that you were going to call your girl Eliza. Excellent name.

    In the great more sauce V more pasta debate, I definitely prefer more sauce. Steve prefers more pasta. It’s tricky. Man, a good bolognese in the winter is such a treat. I also associate that sweating onions smell with my mum. We always had spag bol on a Saturday night, after we had come home from basketball, and we would eat it while watching Gladiators. Man, we loved that show! ‘Gladiator: ready?’ Did you ever watch it?

    Thanks for your cheerful list of fun things to do in winter! I like it v much. xx


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