Taking Stock: July ’16 -The Holiday Edition!


Yes, I do feel a tiny bit bad! Here I am, away on holiday and writing a blog post. It’s a time when I could be stepping away from the internet and engaging fully in ‘the real world’! But aren’t holidays also the perfect time to take stock, to reflect upon what’s working/not working in life/what to be thankful for? And this has been that sort of holiday – sitting in the one spot, eating, reading, walking, thinking. Bliss! Plus, I wanted to share this cute little creation I spotted on the beach today!

Eating: ice cream from Shakes. The family tends to gravitate to the trusty old chocolate but for me, it’s macadamia, burnt toffee, panna cotta or tiramisu

Drinking: mojitos, wine, tea, coffee

Cooking: burgers for dinner. For me, holiday cooking is about things shoved in bread – burgers, sausages in bread, burritos if I’m feeling fancy!

Hearing: a cacophony of birds singing

Looking: at the tree frog that has taken up residence on the kitchen louvres

Watching: Line of Duty series 3. I feel like I need to go back to the beginning to see how all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together!

Enjoying: walks on the beach, no commitments, not having to get in the car

Wondering: how I can incorporate more ‘holiday’ into the ‘everyday’. Can I carve out time each day to practise writing, to notice the little things? Do you ever wonder that too?

Absorbing: all the warmth I can before heading back to chilly Melbourne! I don’t mind cold days but it is nice to have a week’s respite!

Wearing: skirt, singlet

Feeling: a gentle breeze on my skin

Reading: lots! Just finished The Paper House, dipping in and out of Everywhere I Look and just started on The Eye of the Sheep which I picked up second hand at the local bookshop

Wishing: I didn’t have to pack my suitcase for tomorrow’s return home!

Marvelling: at the fact that our big kids still seem happy to come away with us on holiday!

What are you up to? Are you having a holiday at the moment? Is it away or at home?  Maybe you have one coming up? Do you use your holidays to take stock or to be a bit of an adventurer? ‘Taking Stock’ posts are the brainchild of crafty lady Pip Licolne. Maybe you could have a go too?


8 thoughts on “Taking Stock: July ’16 -The Holiday Edition!

  1. I love reading Taking Stock posts – people just noticing and reflecting. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely holiday and I hope you are able to incorporate moments of holiday life into your day once you return. 🙂


    1. It is nice to take the opportunity to reflect at a little, isn’t it Sandra? It’s very easy to keep hurtling along a path at speed without stopping to notice what we are doing, what is nice, what could be tweaked. Back home now so we’ll see how I go with keeping up the writing!


  2. How nice for us that you could sneak a blog post in from your holiday. One of the things I love about holidays is the extra time for a little introspection or thinking about what could be different on the return. I am reading Eye of the Sheep at the moment and am totally engrossed, we can compare notes at the end maybe. I often try to incorporate some holiday vibes into my life, especially when I can’t get away. Little things like spontaneously deciding that take away churros for dessert is a good idea, reading on the couch in the afternoon or watching a movie after our usual bedtime. I know, such an exciting life I lead haha! So good that your kids want to come away with you still, I’m all for that. Hope you have some ugg boots and a warm jumper waiting for you when you get back. Emily x


    1. Our lives are equally exciting exciting, Emily! I’m having a second cup of tea over breakfast to create that lazy holiday vibe! I’m about a third of the way through The Eye of the Sheep and very intrigued by it. May sneak in a bit of a read this arvo. Woolly slippers were quickly popped into my feet when we arrived home last night! xx

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  3. Can’t believe you’re wearing a singlet and skirt, Carolyn. I think I’ve forgotten what hot weather feels like! That photo of the beach treasures is just gorgeous. Glad to hear you’re dipping in and out of Everywhere I Look, it’s a good one for picking up and putting down like that. By the way, I wanted to tell you – I made my own version of the cowel you made and wrote about some months back. It’s lovely! A quick knit and much funkier than my other garish coloured scarves, I used a fairly plain coffee coloured wool. Love it, thanks so much for the inspiration! Enjoy your holiday with the family, soak up some rays on my behalf please xxx


    1. Oh, I thought I saw ‘my cowl’ in one of your photos – and I was very impressed you whipped it up so quickly! I think it’s a really lovely pattern. Pleased you are having the pleasure of wearing it! Yes, Everywhere I Look is a good dipping in and out of book. I’m really enjoying her writing. I loved her description of the boys on Supernanny – something to the effect of them being fat faced slobs with prison haircuts! I did like those beach treasures – perfect fairy garden, I thought! We are back in the cold now but very thankful to have had natural warmth on our skin and into our bones for a week!


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