Chocolate cake


I like baking for my family but Wednesday’s efforts were a big fat F! Thought I’d whip up a quick batch of Anzacs between  grocery shopping and heading out to my next commitment. I had the oats, coconut, sugar and flour all mixed and the butter getting all melty when my mum rang. Well, I THOUGHT I could continue on with the phone sandwiched between my ear and my shoulder but I could not.  Nup. My lovely new cowl proved too bulky to enable this. Was I deterred? Me? ‘I’m a pro’, I thought, ‘made these a zillion times. I can do it one-handed.’ Not the best decision. Slopped too much water in with the bicarb soda, too little golden syrup in with the butter and pretty much ended up with anaemic Anzac pancakes rather than golden Anzac biscuits. So… ‘These look a bit different’ was the quizzical response from the fam! And whilst they tasted Anzac-y enough, they were a bit soft and chewy, I thought I should make an effort to redeem myself on Thursday with something quick and chocolate-y.

I wanted to find a mix and melt chocolate cake and this one from Donna Hay via Fat Mum Slim proved just the ticket.  Quick, easy, moist and tasting a bit like a lamington, bit like a Bounty, it was my salvation. It probably could have had a little longer in the oven but it just meant that the centre was a bit gooey and fudgy which was fine by me.

If you need to redeem yourself – or if you want to be the best mother/partner/friend in the world – you might want to give it a go too!


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