Taking Stock: May ’16


So. Here we are. May. How did that happen? Finally for us Melbourne peeps the weather is starting to climb only to the high teens, as autumn weather is meant to do. I can legitimately think about making soups and stewy things. Yay! Love a salad but adore warming, comfort foods. The leaves are falling and I am doing A LOT of raking up. After skipping past April, it’s time to take stock and see where this autumnal road is leading me!

eating: homemade chicken soup with a bit of chorizo thrown in. Yum!

drinking: green tea

cooking: this chicken bake for dinner

looking: after my boy who has a throat infection. Two in three months is a bit annoying!

making: ginger and honey tea for the sore-throated one. He probably won’t drink it but at least it makes me feel like a nurturing mumma!

listening: to the rain on the roof. One of the best sounds, don’t you think?

hearing: someone mowing the lawn. In the rain. Really?

reading: The Year of Magical Thinking. Thanks Isabel for the lend!

wearing: new jeans and new top. Exciting! Sprucing myself up a bit!

wanting: the current issue of Dumbo Feather. It was too stormy to cross the road to the newsagent’s this morning!

watching: Masterchef. I always say I won’t and then it starts, and the judges are so nice, and it’s such an easy to show to watch, and then someone is apparently cooking the best dish EVER…

giggling: at the amusing messages on my Mother’s Day cards!

enjoying: the prospect of a week with no after-school activities

hoping: to finish my cowl very soon so I can get on to my scarf project

wishing: I could feel some sense of routine about my weeks. Everything feels like it has been a bit higgledy-piggledy this year. People are at uni/not at uni, home for dinner/not home, going to work early/going late, etc. I’m waking up each morning thinking ‘what IS going on today?’

knowing: I’m super fortunate to have spent Mother’s Day with my mum and both my children

feeling: happy Waleed won the Gold Logie. Not that I hold any reverence for the Logies but I do love Waleed. He’s ace. My boy sat a couple of seats away from him at the football on Friday night. He said he was a focussed and contained supporter.

wondering: how we will survive an eight week election campaign? So many on ads on TV already.

pondering: who does deserve my vote?

How are things travelling for you now that we’re nearing the halfway mark of the year? Are you bunkering down for the approaching winter or anticipating the coming warmth of summer days? Taking Stock posts are the brainchild of the ideas queen Pip Lincolne. Maybe you want to ‘take stock’ too?



12 thoughts on “Taking Stock: May ’16

  1. Wonderful Taking Stock, Carolyn! I love Waleed. Speaking of sitting with radio personalities at the football, my friends sat with John Faine the other day and said he was delightful. Maybe next year the Gold Logie goes to John?! Jk.
    I confess that I watched MasterChef last night and really enjoyed it. I’m the same as you, every year I think “Oh I probs won’t watch it this year” and then it hooks me in with the human drama of it all! I thought those curries last night looked delicious, and the semi-freddo. Yum! Problem is it always makes me hungry!
    I’m looking forward to winter. I’m finally prepared with a down jacket, plus, surely it can’t be as cold as China was, so I’m ready. Bring it on.
    Love that you said ‘sprucing yourself up a bit’, what a great expression. Wishing you happy ginger tea making and leaf raking, and enjoy the rest of the month of May (yes, how did that happen?!) x


    1. I received a lovely rainproof jacket for Mother’s Day so I, too, am ready for the winter! I liked the look of those curries – and the lamb kofta. And I was intrigued by the quinoa crackers! Haha! Gold Logie for John Faine! Ginger tea has been sipped! Don’t think he’s going back for more tho!

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  2. I feel exactly the same about Masterchef – I love it really! I was recommended The Year of Magical Thinking, but I thought it might be a bit too hard for me at the moment. You’ll have to let me know what you think.


    1. It is a beautifully written meditation on love, marriage, loss and grief. I had only just started reading it when three people I know lost close family members, all way too young, and I was unsure if I could continue reading it at this time. However, the book provides an honest insight into grief and how difficult it can be to experience and work through. Thanks for your comment, Therese x


  3. I love taking stock. I did one last week or the week before. Fun for us and nice for peeps to read. You can find out a lot about someone from this post. Your chicken soup sounds gorgeous – may your boy (with a sore throat) might like that, if he’s not keen on the tea. I used to love homemade chicken soup when I was home sick. xx


  4. I like the sound of that soup. Yes rain on the roof is the best (as long as you are inside!), it has rained and stormed lots here lately. We are in the midst of elections here and it is a fascinating process, I can’t vote but watching the circus of the US election this time is very interesting.


    1. We are equally fascinated by the US election process in Australia. Lots of media coverage and loads of discussion in our home! What an enormous amount of time it takes up – and money. People are complaining that at 8 weeks, Our current election campaign is too long!


  5. I’m waking up each day thinking the same thing, routine seems to be a thing of the past for us and I do miss it at times. Sorry to hear about the glandular fever in your home, but happy to read about the sprucing up ( not that you needed it). How can it be nearly June!!!


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