Long weekend niceness



Long weekends are lovely, aren’t they? Even though the school term has only just resumed, the pace has been pretty hectic in our house so by the time last Friday rolled around I was exceedingly happy to have an extra day without the school/work/uni routine. These are some of the nice things from the weekend.

  • seeing Lady in the Van with my movie buddy and then a delicious lunch at Arthur Radley. That Maggie Smith is pretty good on the acting front, don’t you think?
  • pizza, wine and Veep with the family on Friday night
  • a walk by the Yarra from Kew to Abbotsford via the Collingwood Children’s Farm
  • seeing Steph and Martin getting married under the beautiful oak tree, surrounded by flowers, bubbly and their nearest and dearest on a glorious autumn day. I don’t know Steph and Martin but I hope they have a beautifully happy life together! They seemed to be having a beautifully happy wedding!
  • collage! AGES since I’ve done one of these so it was nice to spend some time flipping through old magazines gathering inspiration for a ‘yellow’ themed collage
  • knitting squares from my ever growing pile of scrappy bits of wool to donate to a charity blanket project
  • finding this cowl pattern so I can make something snugly for myself for the winter

How was your weekend? Was it a long one? Or was it just an ordinary one but filled with happy things? I hope it was nice and that the niceness has created warm and fuzzy memories.


4 thoughts on “Long weekend niceness

  1. Long weekends are the best! Funny how the shorter week can seem longer though, not sure why that is? I finally got back to collage this week too, seems I couldn’t resist the lovely and cheery theme of yellow after seeing yours and a few others. Hope this weekend is just as nice even if it’s not as long. I do enjoy seeing your projects, clever you!


    1. I think ‘yellow’ seemed nice and accessible to complete! Have had the wool for my fowl delivered so might start on that and there is, of course, a lovely gathering to attend!


  2. Carolyn, that looks like a lovely way to spend a long weekend. I haven’t seen Lady in the Van but its on my list. It might end up on DVD before I make it to the cinema. Loving those colourful scrappy squares.


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