Press ‘pause’


Hello lovelies! I have neglected you the last few weeks and that makes me feel a tad sad. I have let myself get a little filled up in the mind department – too many thoughts and worrying about how everyone else in the house is managing their demands and I have become quite distracted. The pages in my book aren’t being flicked quite as quickly, not as many sketches are appearing in my sketchbook and I’ve been struggling to find a new creative project. I need to take a bit of a step back and let the mental chatter settle. Do you ever have the same feeling?

I headed to yoga today and did a slower paced, less strenuous class than my normal one. I quite like doing that. It’s nice to have the time to focus on the simple, basic poses rather than tackling the super challenging ones. Lots of breathing and, at least for that hour and a bit, the mind did have a bit of a breather.

On the way home I stopped off for a coffee and sat in the park. I had my book with me but I didn’t open the pages. It was nice just to sit for a little while, to look at the city buildings, watch the walkers, the children in the playground, the gambolling dogs. A chance to press ‘pause’. And then the phone flashed. From my girl. ‘Can you drop Persuasion at school?’ Time to hit ‘play’.

How are you faring at the moment? Do you have everything sitting nicely in balance or are the scales a bit lopsided?


9 thoughts on “Press ‘pause’

  1. What a lovely post Carolyn. Really enjoyed the pause/play element. I am currently dealing with a bad back, so life has had to slow down. The good thing about that is (apart from allowing me to write a piece that got published and paid for!) I am feeling happier and kinder as I walk the neighbourhood with more time for observation and less for worrying, anxious, rushy thoughts. Here’s to some more pauses, reflections, looking after YOURSELF and staring out the window xx ps here is a nice piece from School of Life


    1. Thanks for your lovely words, Anna, and for The Book of Life article. It is so important to try to find some space to stare out the window, lie on the couch or sit in the park to allow the thoughts to settle, to create space so that new ones may take seed and grow.


  2. Beautifully said Carolyn! I am juggling the play/ pause and in fact fast forward ! I think pausing and self care are so important so that we can keep being there to support our loved ones. It’s definitely one of life’s challenges, but I’ll miss it when it’s not there. Here’s to pausing and to bloggy friends. xx


    1. Yes, I will miss it too so I try not to hit fast forward too much! Sometimes it is worth pausing to appreciate the hectic times as well, to hold them close, because they are transitory.

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  3. What a nice post, Carolyn. Good that you took a pause from the busyness of life. You’re a good mum, dropping off Persuasion to your girl at school. I am faring OK at the moment. I’m looking for work, so have my up days and my down, but overall, it’s nice to have time to do other stuff besides work. Feel rather lucky. Enjoy your yoga and your other pursuits xx


    1. I hope you have luck on the work front soon, Isabel. Something that is stimulating but still lets you have time for the nice stuff too. Tis easy to be a good mum when you live VERY close to school!


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