Taking Stock: March ’16


Hello! How are you? It has been an AGE since my last post! But now it is Good Friday and everyone is home doing NOTHING because that is our Good Friday tradition – along with eating 70 million hot cross buns – so I thought it a most excellent time to put the feet up, pop the fingertips on the keyboard and take stock as we hit the ‘quarter way through the year’ mark!

Cooking: fish and chips. My mother has ingrained in me that this is only dinner permitted to be eaten on Good Friday

Eating: hot cross buns, hot cross buns, one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns!

Drinking: instant coffee at this precise moment. Nothing fancy schmancy here!

Reading: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. Wow! Opens the eyes to the incredible injustices in the US criminal justice system

Wanting: daylight saving to end. Light in the morning please!

Making: time to do some drawing every day

Enjoying: a very lazy day

Loving: that it is school holidays. Little sleep-ins, earlier nights.

Wearing: jeans, singlet, flowery top

Needing: to get said jeans altered. I think they’ve stretched and are now feeling uncomfortably loose

Hearing: twittering and chirrupping

Watching: Occupied with my man, Gilmore Girls with my girl, my boy watching his usual history documentaries

Listening: to  Clare and Pip interviewing Melissa and Ben

Feeling: happy with some new Etsy purchases courtesy a birthday gift voucher

Knowing: that even at 17 and 19, your kids are never too old for an Easter egg hunt! Easter Bunny was admonished last year for not leaving one. Oops!

Wondering: if I should do some embroidery? Feeling inspired by Threadfolk

How are you travelling up to this point in the year? Has it been smooth sailing for you? Choppy waters? Bit of both? Maybe you want to take stock too? Thanks, Pip, for the ‘Taking Stock’ idea!


4 thoughts on “Taking Stock: March ’16

  1. Hi Carolyn! I do love me a Taking Stock post 🙂 Easter feels like a while ago now. Yes, aren’t hot cross buns delicious. I love em, so spicy and homey and buttery. Isn’t it great that daylight saving is over, I didn’t like waking up in the dark. Feels like winter is on its way to Melbourne at the moment! Still, we have been getting some beautiful clear days. Your Etsy voucher sounds fun. Did you buy clothes? If you know of any really good Etsy stores for clothes, let me know, I am in the market for a few new things (or second hand) and I get a bit overwhelmed by all the choice on Etsy. Wasn’t Claire and Pip’s interview with Melissa and Ben great?! I felt like I was in the room with them. I want to see that movie, The Boss, when it comes out. Melissa is so awesome and funny! Off to read what you thought of Just Mercy now…xx


    1. I just watched the flip of Melissa lip syncing on Jimmy Fallon. She’s ace. We had to watch Bridesmaids again after seeing her on The Project the other week. So funny!


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