Birthday niceness and getting older




It was my birthday last Saturday. 46! I think that means I have to acknowledge that I am MIDDLE AGED! My man covered his ears when I said that. ‘No you’re not!’, he declared, vigorously shaking his head. ‘Age is just a state of mind. You’ll never be middle aged!’ That’s rather sweet of him, I guess! However, I still can’t escape the fact that in pure number terms, I have 46 years under my belt, with all the wisdom *ahem* and life experience that goes with that. It might be a bit more confronting, I suppose, if I was starting to creak and groan a bit in the old bod (and some of my friends seems to be, eek!), but 16 years of yoga and lots walks have left me feeling pretty fit and flexible up to this point. And it’s kinda cool thinking about what’s coming up in the next stage of life as the ‘school mumma’ days come to an end.

I was pretty pleased with myself that I managed to drag out the celebrations for five days! Excellent planning there. Here’s how it panned out.

Friday: Hail, Caesar! with my movie buddy followed by lunch. How was the movie? It was okay. I think the more you know about Hollywood in the ’50s, the more the movie makes sense. Loved Ralph Fiennes and Alden Ehrenreich.

Saturday: THE day! Long walk with my man and crepes for breakfast at our regular weekend spot. Lazy day of reading, crafting and having cups of tea made for me. Birthday barbecue at my parents. Pressies! I love the pencil box from my man   1

Sunday: solo time with coffee and sketching time in the park

Monday: lunch with lovely ladies at Fordham’s Milk Bar. Maybe you’ve seen Rachel Khoo’s visit to this little place? Smoked trout omelette with buffalo mozzarella was delish!

Tuesday: headed over to Thornbury, our old stamping ground, for lunch with my birthday buddy at The Kiln. It was a stinking hot day but ‘yay’ for air conditioning so we didn’t actually feel like we were actually eating in a kiln! And ‘yay’ for Mothers’ Group! We met as first time mums and nearly 20 years later we are still going strong. Haven’t kept in touch with anyone else but snaring one long term friend is pretty good, I think, don’t you? A quiet cup of tea in the afternoon with another buddy – do you love the necklace she made me? – and it was time to bring the whole birthday biz to a conclusion.

I suppose it’s easy to be a bit dismissive of birthdays; to not want to acknowledge the passing of years. But I think it is nice to celebrate what we have achieved in our life up to that point.  Not necessarily the material stuff, but the friends we have collected along the way; the experiences we have had; how we have grown, changed, softened, mellowed. What do you think? Do you embrace your birthday? Or do you prefer to skip lightly over the day?


9 thoughts on “Birthday niceness and getting older

  1. What a great birthday festival, Carolyn. Love the necklace! And love that you are reading The Strays and Just Mercy, these are both faves of mine. I hope you’ll be inspired by Bryan Stevenson’s work. I think he’s amazing. I guess you are middle-aged, but what is age anyway? Just a number, and the accumulation of experience, friends, knowledge, all of which makes you who you are. 46 sounds like a great age to be! It’s so important to celebrate birthdays, I think. A lot of people don’t get the chance to grow old, so we should appreciate every year older we get, and exactly, be proud of our achievements to date. And look forward to what’s to come! I’m sure life for you now that your kids are finishing school has many new challenges and possibilities, and that’s exciting. Happy Birthday! xxx


  2. A festival indeed! Bryan Stevenson is inspirational. An excellent human being. After watching Making a Murder and reading of his experiences, if is difficult to have a great deal of faith in the American criminal justice system. Not sure if you’ve listened to Anatomy of Doubt on This American Life – another example of justice going completely wrong.


  3. Sounds like you did a wonderful job of celebrating. I think Birthdays can be such a special time to receive love and kindness from others, celebrate all that is good in your life and take extra time for gratitude. I’m a believer in stretching it out and I do like all the extra wishes on Facebook these days. Happy Birthday, here’s to “middle age” being so much better than we thought it would be when we were really young.


  4. Very happy birthday! You always strike me as a young fun chick! Yoga will keep us going I think. I love the pencil box, so cool. I have seen the US Womankind and didn’t love it, I bet yours is better! Very nice necklace though. Your birthday celebrations sound perfect, see how long you can string them out!!


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