A morsel of time

imageOh my goodness, I am quite giddy with excitement! It is not long past 10 o’clock, the dog has been walked, the supermarket shopping done, and everyone else in the house is at work, uni or school and I have nowhere to be other than home! No appointments, no yoga class to be at, no coffee date (although I do love those!), or errands to run for others. It is as if I am on holiday! Yes, I have tasks to do but, in between those, there is space to just be; to know that I can write, read, craft, draw or simply sit and ruminate without the possibility that someone will come peering over my shoulder, that I will hear a cry of “have you seen my…?”, or “can you take my toastie out when it’s done?” It has been quite some time since I have had a stretch of time like this and I have really missed it. I adore having everyone at home, especially as it becomes more tricky with people having increasingly odd-houred schedules and independence in their social lives, but the chance to have some solitude is delicious.

When my kiddies were both at school, time was a smorgasbord of free hours to play with. Out the door by 8.15 in the morning at the latest, not home until 3.30 in the afternoon at the earliest. As my boy neared the end of his schooling and the prospect of irregular uni hours loomed, I started to grieve over the end of these hours to myself. How was I going to cope with having him in and out, round and about? I know I need time to myself to recharge. Would I feel claustrophobic knowing he was just THERE in the house? Well, it hasn’t been too bad. I have pulled through! But these little nuggets of alone time are golden. I have had to have a bit of a chat to myself about making sure I don’t squander these hours, that I don’t fall into the trap of clicking my way through social media (so what am I doing writing a blog post *smacks forehead*). I want to make sure I use the time to indulge myself in some productive pastimes because I feel I may have forgotten how to use time alone!

So here’s the plan! Finish up here, read many pages of my book, make a lemon slice, drink multiple mugs of green tea, rake up some leaves (see, told you there were chores!) and then maybe a bit of a crochet…or more book…or some sketching…

What keeps you buzzing along? Do you like to fly solo? Do you like your gang around you? Bit of both?


4 thoughts on “A morsel of time

  1. Hello Carolyn, I hope you’ll forgive me for just ‘stopping in’ uninvited, but I can so identify with this post! I’m not sure how I landed on your blog, it happened while clicking through other blogs and the last one was Bird and Fox. I love it when I have a day without obligations and sometimes I get a bit paralyzed with where to start on all the projects I would love to do. I was reading the post by Bird and Fox on this subject and breathed a sigh of relief that it’s not ‘just me.’

    I saw Dani Shapiro’s book on your reading stack (no I’m not a stalker, just a book lover, too) and it reminds me to dig it out and take another look. I also have All the Light We Cannot See on my stack of books to read. I can’t imagine my life without books!

    So nice to come across your blog! It’s lovely!


    1. Thank you for you lovely comment, Karen! You are most welcome to pop in. Yes, I can completely relate to that feeling of paralysis. It’s as if that open stretch of time is a little overwhelming when we are so used to having our commitments organise our time for us. My friend, Isabel, who lent me Still Writing has also recommended Dani Shapiro’s memoir so that is now on the reading list too! I’ve nearly finished All the Light We Cannot See so a review will be up on the blog very soon!


  2. So glad you are getting some morsels of time again. I’m coming to need this more and more lately, and life doesn’t always go to plan when you have a family, so I grab the morsels when I can. Love my tribe, but also love my own company !

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  3. Flying solo v having your gang around you…a very good question. I like both, but to be honest, I’ve become quite used to having a lot (a LOT) of solo time. Possibly addicted to solo time! The other day I had a lot of things to do, social and work-related, that involved other people, and I found myself thinking ‘but…what about my solo time? How will I recharge?’ So, relish that solo time that you have. Free time is a great and glorious gift! xxx


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