Taking Stock: February ’16


Happy February 29! Have you enjoyed this extra day in the year? Have you made the most of it or just let it drift by like any other day? I thought I would celebrate the day by taking stock of where I am now.

Making: coloured pasta beads for a toddler play date tomorrow

Eating: home made choc chip cookies

Drinking: English breakfast tea

Cooking: balsamic lamb for dinner

Feeling: full after balsamic lamb and choc chip cookies

Wearing: red nail polish

Reading: All the Light We Cannot See

Hearing: chirruping birds

Watching: MKR but only whilst they’re doing the instant restaurants. After that I get a bit bored with it!

Loving: that everyone is now back at school and uni

Coveting: quiet space in my home

Hoping: the possums will find someone else’s plants to feed upon

Wondering: where to go for my birthday lunch!

Marvelling: at the setting sun

Paying: for tickets to New York. Exciting!!

Thinking: I should read Craft for the Soul again

Wondering: who to see at the Comedy Festival. Do we go an old favourite or try someone new?

I hope you have had a lovely day. How are things in your life?  Are you chilled?  Do tell!


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock: February ’16

  1. With the comedy festival, I think, if you can afford it, try something new and also go to someone you know you’ll love. Actually, you should see Stuart Bowden’s ‘She is Probably Not a Robot’ because he’s someone I know and also quirky and brilliant. How are you finding All The Light We Cannot See? Hope you enjoyed your toddler play date today! I found myself playing Junior Monopoly with a 2 year old and 6 year old last night, it was quite fun! x


    1. Thank you for the recommendation! We saw Wil Anderson last year and he was excellent but i like to spread my money around! All the Light…is very readable because the chapters are so short, but I also find that a bit frustrating. I’d like to spend a little bit more time with one character to gave time to develop a relationship with them. Did you think the same? More to say when I review it! Fun play date today! We were going to make necklaces but she liked cutting up the wool more and making woolly faces! Great fine motor skill work!


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