So what’s been happening?





Howdy! How are we all? I feel like I’ve been away from the blog  world for a little bit. I’m not quite sure why. My girl is back at school, my boy has been away on holidays so I must have had HEAPS of time by my lonesome to compose a post. I guess I’ve just been puddling around catching up on some of the people and places I haven’t caught up with for a few months or checking out new things to do. So here, for the record, are some of the things which have kept me from tapping away at the keyboard.

Spotlight: I went to see this with my movie buddy and it was excellent. Have you heard of it? It’s about the investigative journalism team at The Boston Globe who uncovered the extent of sexual abuse by priests in the Catholic Church in Boston. Not exactly cheery but the focus was not so much on covering the abuse but rather how the team went about its investigation. Compelling performances by a great ensemble cast, including Mark Ruffalo and Stanley Tucci. Such genuine actors. Love them!

Andy Warhol and Ai Wei Wei: Emily made the train trip from Ballarat to ‘the big smoke’ and we went to see this excellent exhibition at the NGV. It was HUGE and I think we were a little overcome by it all! We were both marvelling at the sheer volume of work that Ai Wei Wei has produced.

TV: we’ve been watching the third season of The Bridge which has been excellent, as always. A bit retro watching just one episode weekly because we are so used to binge watching whole seasons at a time! We’ve also been catching up on season two of The Americans. Yep, we are a bit behind! Kept forgetting it was on pay TV after it disappeared from free-to-air.

Podcasts:  SerialChat 10 Looks 3this chat  between Wil Anderson and Julia Zemiro, and Iz and Ez discussing booky, watchy things

Crocheting: I made another one of these giraffes for the daughter of a friend of my mum who is awaiting a tiny arrival and I’ve started on these maybelle squares (well, I’ll turn them into squares!) in the ongoing endeavour to work through my wool stash! I’m going to join them up to make a blanket, I think. Can you guess what inspired my colour choice?!

Books: I enjoyed reading Hope Farm, which my lovely girl gave me for Christmas. It’s been nominated for the Stella Prize, and deservedly so.  Isabel lent me Still Writing by Dani Shapiro, a gem of a book on writing, creativity and life. Current read? All the Light We Cannot See

Friends: coffees with lovely friends. It’s really important to nurture our relationships, isn’t it? I try to make sure I don’t leave it too long between friend catch ups because in all the busy-ness of people’s lives (yep, I hate saying that – let’s remember we don’t have to fill every second of every day for our lives to be valid), relationships can easily slide. And that’s a great pity.

Stuff: you know, the ordinary things. Domestic goddess duties, new school year adjustments, the admin of life. Not very exciting, but we all have to do it, don’t we?

How about you? Have you been out and about doing nice things? Or have you been enjoying some quiet, reflective time?


6 thoughts on “So what’s been happening?

  1. Hi Carolyn!
    You giraffe is a bit amazing 🙂
    I loved Spotlight. The content was quite horrifying, but it was great film. It sort of made me want to be a journalist, haha.

    I’ve been listening to Serial too, but finding this season a lot harder to get into than the first season.
    I had never been a big Wil Anderson fan until I started listening to Wilosophy, and I really enjoyed the chat with Julia Zemiro. I’d also recommend his chat with Corrine Grant, she doing such interesting things!


    1. Thanks Catherine! Seeing Spotlight and then witnessing what is happening here at the moment is both heartbreaking and infuriating. Took me a while to warm to Wil Anderson too! But I really like him now – intelligent, insightful. We saw him at the Comedy Festival last year and he was excellent. Corinne Grant is doing law now, isn’t she? I will listen to that one. Thanks for the prompt. I think Serial this time round is different. Makes me think how awful it would be to be a soldier. How he survived what he experienced, I have no idea. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Hi Carolyn! I missed this post somehow…thanks for linking to mine and Ez’s podcast 🙂 Feel very flattered to be in your list of ‘things you’ve been listening to lately’ and in such eminent company! I did see Spotlight last week, and as Ez and I have a podcast recording date tomorrow night, might save any thoughts for that. Also glad to hear you thought Still Writing was a gem. After that I can thoroughly recommend Dani Shapiro’s memoir, so very very good. I love how she writes. I loved the Americans! So edge-of-your-seat. Can’t wait for new eps! And seriously, wasn’t Ai Wei Wei/Warhol exhibition amazing, to produce that amount and scale of work, phenomenal. Did you see the video of him going to the 2008 earthquake area in Sichuan, collecting metal rods that were used to build shoddy schools that collapsed, killing thousands of students (which the Chinese government never gave answers about), then straightening out each metal rod and using them to build a memorial to the earthquake victims? It was very moving.


    1. Ooh, I’m interested to hear what you thought of Spotlight! I was very pleased it won best picture. Did you like my fave Mark Ruffalo? Another great podcast I listened to, along with Iz and Ez, was Richard Fidler’s conversation with Israeli writer Etgar Keret. I will put Dani Shapiro’s memoir on the reading list! I did see that video. What an incredible man he is. In awe of his political intellect.


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