Have you read…? Mothers Grimm by Danielle Wood


This one was a goody! Danielle Wood’s Mothers Grimm is an inventively clever take on four fairytales by the Brothers Grimm: Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty and The Goose Girl. Do not pick up the book and expect a retelling of the tales.  Instead, each story echoes the premise of the original tale. They challenge our perception of what it is to be a ‘bad mother’. Could it ever be understandable that you would give up your child for leafy greens, leave them in the woods, shut her away, attempt to mould her life? They are an exploration of the real life world of modern mothering -expectations versus reality, financial pressures, adolescent rebellion.

I am hesitant to say anything further because I wouldn’t wish to spoil how each story unfolds. After reading them, you may reconsider the old fairytales and wonder who were the ‘good mothers’ and were the ‘bad mothers’ really so evil?  And where do we fit on the ‘good mother/bad mother spectrum’?

Have your read this book? Did you enjoy it too?

9 thoughts on “Have you read…? Mothers Grimm by Danielle Wood

  1. Great review, Carolyn – I loved this book – the details, the clever play on the original fairytales, the idea of good mothers and bad mothers …. Wish there had been more stories!


  2. How interesting, Carolyn. This sounds a bit like Into The Woods, a re-telling of old fairy tales. I feel like Into The Woods has a lot to say about parenting, children and the relationships there. I must admit that I often dream about having a baby, and I leave it at home and go out to dinner and forget about it, then wake up thinking ‘Oh God! I should never have a child as I would be the worst mother!’ I hope such dreams are reasonably common! Anyway, this books sounds cool. Adding to my (massive) Goodreads list xx


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