Here’s what I’m making #wip


Hello there! I’m joining along with the delightful Catherine of Saint Cardigan and sharing my current crafty project. If you love weaving, nail art and reading about creative people, you should definitely head on over and have a squiz at her lovely blog.

I’ve been hooking away at these beanies over the summer period. Most things I make are inspired by work I’ve seen by other bloggers. I first spied these woolly hats on The Messy Brunette and you can find the pattern here. I just have the crab stitch border to go on the black one. I’m tossing up between using the green or the turquoise. I’m thinking the turquoise. Thoughts?

I really like making these beanies. They are very quick and easy to make so are the perfect creative project to accompany TV viewing. This is when the vast majority of my creating takes place, after the daily chores and commitments have been completed. They don’t require large quantities of wool so are EXCELLENT for using up all the odd bits that accumulate in my wool basket. I love scrabbling through my leftovers and working out which colour combinations work well together and how to create an eye catching arrangement. I am making these to donate to kogo so I like to choose something that is a bit cheerful and quirky in the hope that whenever the recipient pops it on, it will brighten their day.

Do you have a project on the go? Would you like to share it too? If you pop over to Saint Cardigan, you can see what others have been up to.


13 thoughts on “Here’s what I’m making #wip

  1. Thanks so much for joining in the #wip share Carolyn!
    These beanies are delightful, I’m sure the recipients will love them.What a great thing that you’re making them for people in need.
    I think the white one is my favourite, but your colour choices are fab for all of them. I agree, turquoise for the border on the black one 🙂


  2. I agree. Turquoise gets my vote. Now I’m a bit of a beanie queen (lots of Canberra winters started that) and I feel this qualifies me to comment that these are bloody awesome! I like them all. I might have to undertake one as a project to try and get rid of some of the 6 billion balls of random assorted yarn that I have accumulated. Not a lot of need for them in Sydney either sadly. although really it’s #sadlynotsadly I miss the beanies but not the cold that necessitates their wearing.


    1. Pleased to hear you like them, Rachael! If you give the pattern a go, I did omit some of the extra rows in the top part of the beanie because I felt it was getting too long…but maybe I just have a stunted head! Thanks for your comments x


  3. Your beanies are gorgeous, Carolyn. What a good egg you are, making these things to send to people in need. Good on you.
    My #wip is a crocheted cushion cover, I still need to sew it up and find an insert for it, then it will take pride of place on our Guy Pearce Couch 🙂 Neo (our new cat) has already started sitting on the #wip if I leave it lying on the bed, so I think it might turn into his cushion. Which is kinda sweet.
    Was thrilled to see you quoting Dani Shapiro over on Jacquie’s blog…such a great book isn’t it? I just finished Status Anxiety and will return it to you soon. Loved it! Thank you! xx


    1. Thanks, Isabel! It is great. Part writing how-to, creativity how-to and life-how to. Lots of lovely snippets to take away from that one. On yo All the Lght We Cannot See now! Alain De Botton makes a lot of sense, doesn’t he? I think it is an excellent idea to make the cushion Neo’s!

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