Taking Stock: January ’16


Hello! Welcome to 2016 and the first ‘Taking Stock’ post of the year! How are you faring? Do you feel a bit battered after what has been a rather sad start to the year with the loss of some legendary figures in the world of entertainment? Perhaps you need to take stock as we near the end of the holidays and before the school year resumes? Hmm, I think I am needing to take a breath before I launch back into the world of school lunches and crisply ironed uniforms. So here we go!

Loving: my ‘new’ Moroccan stools from the local antiques market

Drinking: takeaway cappucinos

Eating: eggs -poached, scrambled, fried – anyway is good!

Making: banana bread to freeze for school lunches

Wearing: skirt, top, cardy

Reading: Hope Farm

Wondering: what to buy my girl for her birthday

Hearing: the ‘thwack thwack’ of tennis balls on the TV

Hoping: for health and happiness this year. Clichéd but true!

Wanting: to play with my FIMO

Looking: at the pile of laundry to fold

Waiting: to have the weekend away with my man. Should be nice!

Watching: Acquitted, a Norwegian drama on Stan

Laughing: at my man constantly exclaiming over the fjords whilst watching Acquitted!

Enjoying: crocheting

Missing: taking photos. Need to get observant again!

Taking Stock posts are the brainchild of the lovely Pip Lincolne. Maybe you’d like to have a go too.


7 thoughts on “Taking Stock: January ’16

  1. We are in sync.! It has been such a sad start to the year, hopefully things look up from here. We have just started a free month with Stan so I will be checking out Acquitted. Playing with Fimo sounds Fun. Happy January Carolyn 🙂


    1. We’ve found Stan quite good. No Activity is a pretty funny Australian comedy and we also enjoyed Deutschland 83, a German Cold War drama – would be good German practice for Sophie!


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