We’ve all been on a summer holiday…

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Hello! Happy New Year! I hope your Christmas was harmonious, delicious and generous of spirit and that the days following were enjoyed lazing in warmth or bundled up against the cold with lots of yummy leftovers and relaxing activities. We spent a week down at the beach. Nice! My man and I worked out that we have spent all bar two summer breaks down at Apollo Bay since 2001. That’s loyalty – or lack of adventurous spirit! But I love a no-brainer holiday – no need to wonder about where to shop, where to eat, how to fill the days. You just settle into an easy holiday routine. Here’s how we chilled.

  • morning walks on the beach with my man and afternoon ones with my girl
  • reading The Secret Chord and the latest edition of Uppercase looking out over the golf course and the bay
  • catching up on seasons 4 and 5 of Homeland
  • watching Nightcrawler
  • crocheting and sketching
  • drinking coffee at Bay Leaf
  • eating ice cream from Dooley’s (the lemon curd was DELICIOUS)
  • shopping at Hawkeye Homewares (yep, that’s my man transacting!)
  • listening to Serial

But you know what? I think we have reached the end of an era. I don’t think we’ll be back there for a family holiday again *sniffle*. As a couple, yes, we’ll be back but as a family? Probably not. This is our last year of being ruled by school holidays. We no longer need to take our summer holiday in January. And we can’t compel our adult offspring to come away with us ( my boy opted for a music festival with friends this year), can we? So, to Apollo Bay, I say ‘thank you!’ You have witnessed us grow up as a family, from the days when the kiddies were happy to go boogie boarding, build sandcastles and collect shells to the days when they just wanted to chill out in front of movies; from afternoons of Scrabble and Mastermind to playing on PSP and having BBC’s Pride and Prejudice on a seemingly continuous loop; from walks to rockpools and waterfalls as a family to walks with just my man and the kids by themselves. There were trips to the cinema, rides at the carnival (and the probably trademark infringing stuffed toy won by a big brother for his sister), and the strangely entertaining game of throwing stuffed toys down the stairwell! Aah, kids! What scenarios are they making up in their minds?  But every year there has been a family meal at the pub on our first night away, dinner at La Bimba, ice creams after tea and a lazy look through the newsagent. As we exchanged texts with our boy, he asked ‘how’s Apollo Bay?’ It is a treasure chest of family memories.

Do you have a regular holiday spot? Did you have one growing up?


10 thoughts on “We’ve all been on a summer holiday…

    1. Thanks, Maura! We have been seeing pictures of the floods in the news. We have had bushfires here. Just over the hills in these pictures people had to flee their homes on Christmas Day as fires raged. Weather can be savage.

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  1. Happy New Year Carolyn! *hug*
    Apollo Bay looks so lovely, I have never been but I want to go. I still go on holidays with my Mum and Dad! We always go to Hobart, although only for a few days at a time and only once or twice a year. It depends on how generous Jetstar is feeling with their flight prices!
    A holiday with P&P on loop sounds perfect to me!
    Deanna xo


  2. What beautiful photos! Apollo Bay is so lovely. Although probably many places in Victoria are this year – (with the exception of the fires, of course) it has been a wonderful summer so far, hasn’t it? Our go to place is Mount Martha – we’ve had a few days over Christmas, and a week coming up very soon (looking forward to it!)


    1. I agree all round, Helen! We had the best weather we have ever had down there. Quite strange thinking the fires were burning just over the hills. I was always a Mornington Peninsula person growing up. Enjoy Mount Martha!


  3. I think you would like Apollo Bay, Deanna. It’s the perfect place for reading and crafting! Hobart is lovely – all of Tassie, really! I think it’s great you still go away with your parents – my brother still pops in on holidays with my parents. I’m sure we’ll still have some as a family – if the location is tempting enough!


  4. We too have reached the end of that school holiday era. Our youngest is in year 12 this year and so all of our following holidays (we take our annual holiday traditionally in Dec/Jan) will now likely be taken at other times of the year. I love Apollo Bay though and we have had a good many holidays there. I love its village feel and the beaches. A great place to holiday. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us. xx


    1. We can walk side by side through our last year of school together, Sarah! Apollo Bay does have a lovely village feel and it’s not TOO busy either. Hope this year goes smoothly and successfully xx


  5. What gorgeous photos, I want lemon curd ice cream right now! We used to go camping in Norfolk UK when I was a kid, we loved it because there were lots of families all there together. How nice not to have to arrange all holidays around school especially as the prices are always so high in the school summer.


    1. It was truly divine ice cream, Clare. Yes, it will be quite strange to have holiday flexibility. I’m looking forward to a February holiday – quieter and usually better weather!


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