This was nice

imageimageimageWith my man working and the boy at the beach with friends, my girl and I decided to enjoy a very warm Wednesday night at the Queen Victoria Summer Night Market. It was pretty nice. We were overwhelmed by the array of tempting food. What to choose, what to choose? Greek, Indian, Asian, Italian, macarons, crêpes, gelato? We thought the pizza at the 400 Gradi stall looked pretty delish but decided eating pizza is not a particularly novel dining choice so thought we’d go for something a little bit different. We opted, instead, for chicken momo and Nepalese style grilled chicken from the Nepal Dining Room. The plan was to sample a bit of this and then move on to something else but my girl decided what were eating was too yum to not consume it all! So polish it off we did! We had a nice little food chat to the people we shared our table with.  They were peeling some pretty fat and fresh looking prawns and licking fingers after consuming a pork slider. The homemade lemonade from the Traditional Lemonade Stand was excellent for slaking our thirst on a hot summer night.

We do love a cake and a crêpe but when it’s over 30 degrees there’s no option other than gelato, is there? I chose the salted caramel and my girl went for the  bacione from Mercato Gelato. Severe melty, drippy problems were incurred by my girl which were pretty precarious with a white t-shirt on.  There were some interesting arm contortions in the interests of maintaining pristine clothing as we wandered around the stalls selling vintage and handmade clothing, nice smelly stuff, and jewellery.

We loved hearing the happy hubbub of people sharing the night with family and friends, the live music playing in the background, and inhaling the smells of so many different foods cooking. If it’s a balmy Melbourne night and you’re in town maybe you might like to pop in too?  We might have to go back and sample some of the other food stalls. Do you like going to markets? Do you like foodie ones? The Night Market runs until 30 March 2016 (closed 23 and 30 December).


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