What I did this year




imageimageimageAnd so, another year draws to a close. It’s hard not to do a little bit of self reflection, isn’t it? Sometimes I get a bit wistful as I look back, thinking ‘that’s all been and gone, another year older…’ Yep, I can be real cheery on New Year’s Eve! Anyhoo, I was flicking through this month’s Frankie and they had a nice little ‘What I Did This Year’ series of 20 happenings with creative peeps. That sounded a bit more celebratory so I thought I’d give it a go too. So, *drum roll*, here’s what I did this year.

  1. Welcomed in the new year in Germany
  2. Started a blog
  3. Met Pip Lincolne *happy dance*
  4. Read more books than I have for yonks
  5. Enjoyed not having to do the Saturday sport ferrying
  6. Drank lots of coffees with friends
  7. Began a volunteer role as a support person for new mums
  8. Practised my drawing
  9. Enjoyed my new kitchen
  10. Had a day out in Ballarat with with my buddy, Emily
  11. Met lots of online pals in person. Excellent fun!
  12. Went on long weekend walks with my man
  13. Finally stretched my heels to the floor in downward dog
  14. Said goodbye to one of our doggies
  15. Rejoined my local library
  16. Baked many batches of biscuits
  17. Had way too many late nights proof reading essays
  18. Did all the usual household chores
  19. Worried as my boy became a licensed driver
  20. Hugged my girl lots

I think that’s a pretty good year.  There were ups, there were downs, but there were lots of opportunities to create and feed my mind and my soul so that gives the year a pass mark in my books. How has your year been? Do you like to reflect on what has occurred or do prefer to just motor on toward the coming year?


8 thoughts on “What I did this year

  1. Such beautiful things to have done this year! I love this take on things. I reckon I might give it a go. X Thanks for the inspiration, the beautiful images, and for blogging. What you do makes a difference. XX


  2. I love these reflection posts, from others and myself too. They are so fun to write. I have to look back in the diary to remember what I have done because my memory is so bad!!
    You had a very productive and lovely year, I am so pleased you started the blog because I would never have ‘met’ you!


  3. Weirdly I was reading that frankie article about half an hour before I found this post! I find reflecting on the year to be a little scary, but I like this quick-fire list system of reflecting. Much more fun and much less intimidating!

    I am very impressed that you managed to stretch your heels to the floor in downward dog (I have very tight calves!).

    Starting my blog and meeting lots of online pals has been one of the highlights of my year too 🙂 Here’s to more blog fun in 2016!


    1. Well, it’s taken nearly 16 years to get my heels down, so just keep stretching, Catherine! It will happen! I’m very pleased you started your blog. Lots of lovely reading!


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