One + Four = Life: quiet days and a sad day

Hello lovelies. How are you? This week has been a quiet, puddling towards the end of the year week, but one that ended with the shedding of quite a few tears.image
You know when you pass by something really familiar but you just catch it at a slightly different angle and it’s all of a sudden ‘wow!’? When I was out walking one morning this week, I spied these tree trunks spiralling upwards.  I’d never caught them at quite this angle before.  I loved the way the bark patterning seemed to be spiralling up the trunks too.


How gorgeous is this bougainvillea? It was dripping over a fence that backs on to the little park near our house. Such a beautiful colour. The magenta pencil was always one of my favourites in my Derwent set. I think it would have matched these blooms perfectly.


The Christmas menu planning is underway! I spent lots of time trawling through online recipes and magazines I never usually buy looking for something a little different from last year, trying to get the balance between courses right and aiming to make the preparation as EASY as possible. My mum and I divide the task between the two of us – she does the meat and pudding, I do the nibblies entree and salads. It’s nice the share the food prep, don’t you think?


And now, for the tears part of our week. Yesterday we said goodbye to our beautiful old dog. He came into our lives when my boy and girl were only five and three. For over 14 years he has been a loving, gentle, tolerant (how many times was he dressed up?!) presence in our home. He was the perfect companion for two growing children. But on Friday night, he began to show us that his body was weary and by Saturday we knew it was time to let him go. He was cuddled right until the end by the two people who loved him most in the world. Goodbye, Riley dog. Thank you for being such a loved part of our family.

I hope your week didn’t have any sad parts, but sadness is part of life, isn’t it? It’s not nice but it will pass. Maybe you have something cheery about your week to tell me? If you want to see what others have been up to, pop over to Isabel’s blog.



9 thoughts on “One + Four = Life: quiet days and a sad day

  1. Oh, Carolyn. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog Riley. He is just beautiful. That is very sad indeed. This is probably not enough to cheer you up, but I think your photos of the spiraling gum trees and bright bougainvillea are particularly beautiful this week. I love when vines and flowers cascade down a fence. That magenta colour is amazing. I loved Derwent pencils too! We had a wooden box with the full set, and if we were good Dad would get them down from a high place and let us use them. So special. I remember all the enticing names: Cadmium Orange, Deep Vermilion, Midnight Blue. Must get some more! Your Christmas meal preparation sounds very organised, and sharing with your mum is nice, good for you. Hope you find some inspiration, there’s so much out there, hard to choose. I’m not yet the one to be tasked with Christmas dinner or lunch, but this year we’re having a family picnic on Christmas day so that might be different…I like a break in tradition every now and then! Hope you have a good week and remember Riley fondly x


    1. Thanks, Isabel. Think everyone is starting to feel a bit better now. The other little doggy is getting lots of hugs as she gets used to having the back garden to herself for the first time in her life. It does make me happy that you like the photos! I think a Christmas picnic sounds lovely. Hubby suggested that today for a bit of a change. Not sure what the rest of the family would think!


  2. Your bougainvillea is gorgeous! I just love seeing them in full bloom at this time of year 🙂

    My mum and aunts usually take over the cooking at Christmas, but all those Christmassy cooking magazines do keep catching my eye too! That does sound like a good division of cooking duties with your mum. We’re having a smaller Christmas this year, as some of our family will be away, so maybe I’ll take advantage of of there being less cooks and cook a dish of my own 🙂

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dog 😦 My beloved family dog died suddenly a few years ago and it leaves such a whole for a while. Best wishes to your and your family.


    1. Thanks Catherine. Even though he was very old, it was still quite a sudden decision to have to make. Colourful blooms bring such joy, don’t they? Enjoy your smaller Christmas. I say have a go at a dish when you only have a smaller crowd to cater for. Much less pressure! Thanks for stopping by x


  3. That spiraling tree is great! I wonder why it grew like that. More and more i am seeing interesting things around me, everyday sights that are beautiful. I am so sorry about Riley, It sounds like he was a very special member of your family and will be missed greatly. Your post has brought tears to my eyes, but I agree, the sad times are unavoidable, especially when it comes to pets. But the joy they bring is not worth missing. Take care this week. xx


    1. Yes, I keep my eyes open more too. You’re right about pets. He taught them so much about love and really brought them together as siblings. As they got older they would flick each other so many photos of Riley and Rosie’s daily cuteness if one of them was home and the other away!

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  4. Oh Carolyn, I’m so sorry to hear about you losing your beloved dog. And what a beauty he was! It’s always such a difficult time when you have to put a pet down. Take it easy.

    I totally know what you mean about seeing something you normally see every day in a different way – that’s one of the big things I’ve got out of A Snapshot of Two Cities, actually. And what a stunning magenta colour! Flowers really are just beautiful, hey?

    I hope you and your family are doing okay (as okay as you can be, anyway) – sending hugs your way x


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