Taking stock: November


Goodness me! How did it become late November? We are only a month away from Christmas. Heavens to Betsy! I’m loving the sunny days November is bringing us and I’d love to kick back and chill, wiggling my toes in the sunshine, with a book and a drink. Alas, the Chrissie lists need to be thought about and compiled.  But before I do that, I think it’s time to have a cup of tea and take stock of how things are in November before the month has well and truly flown the coop.

Making: the Nordic hat pattern from this blog

Watching: the third season of Borgen. My man loves ‘Mrs Borgen’ and the Danish architecture!

Listening: to Wil Anderson’s chat with Jarrod McKenna – long but so interesting

Cooking: Portuguese chicken

Wearing: my dressing gown. It demands nothing of me!

Drinking: English breakfast tea with a dash of milk

Eating: dark chocolate

Loving: my new funkis clogs

Hearing: one of my dogs yapping

Reading: The Girl on the Train

Wondering: what to buy people for Christmas

Smelling: the fresh air coming in through my back door

Wanting: toast with vegemite

Considering: whether to buy this top. Is nice!

How has your month been? Are you making nice things? Taking Stock posts are the brainchild of the lovely Pip Lincolne. Maybe you’d like to do one too?



9 thoughts on “Taking stock: November

    1. If you liked Gone Girl you’ll like this, I think. Similar read – multiple stories and time frames. I’m just over half way and I and I’m wondering where it is heading but in a good way! A good read for over the Christmas period.are you reading anything good at the moment? Always need to keep the list topped up!

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  1. The Gorman top is very pretty…I say do it! Hehe, I always feel like toast with Vegemite. I hope I haven’t had a bad influence on you with all my Vegemite musings 🙂 Enjoy the beautiful long days and all the light! x


  2. Hehe “Heavens to Betsy” is one of the best sayings ever, isn’t it? Love it.

    How are you finding The Girl on The Train? I enjoyed it and found it was a really quick read but I know some people didn’t dig it.

    November has been okay for me, thanks. It’s whizzed past, which is not so great, but I’ve managed to be relatively productive on my thesis whilst also chairing a unit a uni so I’m pretty proud of that! I’m reasonably organised for Christmas (by which I mean I at least have rough ideas for presents) so am not too stressed about that. Looking forward to having a bit of a break! Hope December is an excellent month for you 😀


    1. Love a good expression! I’m getting to the good bit of The Girl on the Train now and have had to drag myself away from it to fulfil my domestic duties. I have enjoyed it. As you say, a quick read. Perfect for the holiday season, I think. I’ve got my parents tickets to Fiddler on the Roof so nice to have them out the way. Other people, I’m still thinking about! You have been very busy with uni. Your brain will be tired! Thanks for all your lovely comments x


  3. Taking Stock is such fun! I have read The Girl on the Train and found it exhausting! I like the look of those clog/sandals, very elegant. Portuguese chicken sounds very good and of course vegemite (marmite is what we get) on toast is always a winner!


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