Mmm, brownie…


If you’ve been reading along for a little while, you’ll know that I like to have home baked sweet treats in the house to nibble on with cups of tea after dinner. I am, however, also quite lazy. Despite having a LOVELY Kitchenaid mixer, I don’t like ‘creaming’. I don’t like lots of ingredients. I don’t like, ‘first make the base.’ Nope, I do not. I like ‘whack it all in a bowl’.

A few years ago, I came across this recipe for brownies by Bill Granger.  It is delicious and very quick to whip up. It’s perfect for cake stalls or for a friend who needs a bit of foodie love. Or to have on a rainy day, like it is in Melbourne today! I have tweaked the recipe a little. I omit the vanilla because I find it makes the end result a little cloying. I use dark choc bits rather than cutting up dark chocolate. Why? Remember?  I’m LAZY. Someimes I swap the dark choc bits for white ones. It adds a bit more of a butterscotch flavour. You could always substitute walnuts too, if nuts aren’t a problem in your home.

Do you think this looks like something you might like to try? Do you have a favourite cake stall recipe?



6 thoughts on “Mmm, brownie…

  1. Hehe I love the whole “shove everything in a bowl” method too. So good for when you want a snack quickly! I also have an excellent brownie recipe that is from a kids cook book (so you know it’s definitely going to be easy). I might have to whip that one out soon…you’ve given me a craving. And adding white choc chips to get a butterscotch flavour sounds nothing short of amazing.


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