Hello Heide!

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageOkay. I am not going to pretend that I am overly knowledgeable in the art area. I had never heard of Melinda Harper until I saw this exhibition at Heide advertised in The Age a couple of months ago. I was drawn in by the colour, shape and line in her work. But just because you haven’t heard of an artist doesn’t mean you can’t view an exhibition, does it? It’s a chance to learn a little something!

During the week, I spied a window of opportunity between dropping off my boy not too far from the gallery and before my afternoon commitments beckoned. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Heide, you can read about it here. I super enjoyed wandering amongst the vibrant works of the exhibition which encompassed paintings, collage, embroidery and playfully decorated found objects. There were also a couple of things I really loved in the accompanying curatorial information. Harper said that she didn’t pay attention to colour theory when creating her works, but just to what seemed harmonious to her eye, and any ‘mistakes’ she worked around. She also noted her work process – ‘The slowness is an important part of the process, it allows me a lot of time to look.’ I think these are lovely messages about creating with your instincts rather than being constrained by rules, about accepting imperfections, and mindfulness.

I also had a wander around the beautiful gardens. How could you not on such a glorious day? Sculptures are scattered throughout the grounds, some boldly on show, others nestled amongst the gallery’s architecture or its many trees. The kitchen garden was blooming colourfully and buzzing with bees. There were friends sitting on the grass chatting and sipping drinks, and a picnicking school group. I was amused to see the kids all decked out in their hi-vis vests! I overhead a gallery staff member saying they need to wear them on excursions. Bit of a change since my boy and girl were at primary school. Super cautious times!

If you are a Melbourne person and this exhibition looks up your alley, you have until October 25 to pop out and see it. Or maybe you’d just like to sit in the garden? Or perhaps you could take the kids and play ‘spot the sculpture’!

11 thoughts on “Hello Heide!

  1. I’ve been wanting to go to Heidi for so long. We went one day and didn’t check opening hours and it was closed. But now that I have made a commitment to do something cultural/creative at least once a month, this might be my November outing. A good one with the kids to, by the looks of the outdoor space. Thanks for reminding me that it’s there. I used to living Coburg so it was a stones throw and now I live bayside and I forget about the gems over that side of town.


    1. We took our kids a few times when they were little, Collette, just for garden play! This is a great exhibition for kids if you do want to venture inside with them. I grew up in Lower Templestowe but didn’t make my first visit until I had moved out of home and further away. We are a little crazy ignoring the gems on our doorsteps, aren’t we? I hope you enjoy a visit to Heide very soon! Thanks for stopping by.

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  2. A visit to Heide is on my wish list and that exhibition looks beautiful . I won’t get a chance to get there so thanks for sharing what you saw and read. Maybe our next Melbourne outing could be there ?


  3. What a great exhibition! I’ve heard of Heide, but have never managed to visit. I’ll have to make it a priority now, the gardens look gorgeous!
    I love what you included of Harper’s approach to creating without being constrained by correct theory and rules 🙂


  4. The exhibition looks so beautiful- how lovely that you got to wander and gaze at it solo (that’s my personal favorite way to look at art). I’ll definitely get there and check it out. x


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