One + Four = Life: out and about

Hello lovelies! How has your week been? Mine has been GOOD! I have been out and about having all sorts of adventures  – well, adventures by my very domestic, at home in the suburbs standards! And looking at these photos, I have been seeing lots of blue skies!

imageOn Tuesday, I jumped on the train and headed up to Ballarat to catch up with Emily from squiggle and swirl and to see the Archibald Prize touring exhibition. It was a lovely day. I wrote all about it here.

imageMy reading pace has picked up a little over this past year. I can’t really keep buying book after book, lovely as that is, so I decided that I should rejoin our local library. Libraries are great, aren’t they? All those books and community info? I have many happy library memories from my younger years (not the ones spent in the law library at uni or Supreme Court library at work!) and from when the boy and girl were little. I think those memories are probably worthy of their own post. I am loving our reasonably recently renovated library. It has a cafe attached. Of course! I borrowed a novel, memoir and watercolour book. I’m probably being a bit ambitious in thinking I can get through all of them in three weeks so I may need to reborrow them. I think I might pop there again next week just to have a coffee and a read. I’m sure I can squeeze it in between other out and about tasks.

imageWhen my girl started school, a friend and I decided we’d set aside two Fridays a term to go to the movies and have a bite to eat afterwards. We’ve seen some excellent films in that time – Million Dollar BabyBurn After ReadingThe King’s Speech,  Grand Budapest Hotel. I wouldn’t quite put The Intern in the same category as those films – no plot twists, no subtlety in its message – but it was pleasant enough. I’d put it in the category of a Woman’s Day magazine and a block of Cadbury chocolate – short lived disposable pleasure!

imageSaturday and Sunday mornings the man and I take a brisk constitutional around our neighbourhood streets. It’s our weekly date! We stop off for coffee on the way home and my man likes to treat himself to a crêpe. He loves the classic lemon and sugar but this Saturday decided to mix it up and go for the apple, almond and cinnamon. Crazy times! Do you have a weekly treat-like ritual?

Hope your week held lovely pleasures! Pop along to Isabel’s blog to see what others are up to. Here’s to a content week to come!

10 thoughts on “One + Four = Life: out and about

  1. I’m so enjoying being a part of 1+4+Life and getting to have a peek at what everyone has been up to each week! I love that you have these regular “dates” with your man and also your friend. It’s so nice to have regular, enjoyable rituals to break up the monotony of our days isn’t it?

    My youngest daughter will be visiting Melbourne for a couple of days when she spends a few weeks in Aus in December. Melbourne looks so lovely. I’m deeply envious of her!


  2. Thanks Gill! It is nice to have little regular catch ups. We need them to maintain and nourish our relationships, don’t we? I am a bit biased, but Melbourne is a pretty nice place to live – gardens, cafes, art. If she has any questions or wants some inside info, let me know. Happy to help out!


  3. Libraries are the best! It is like shopping for free (yes, I do return books!). The cinema looks like a fab old building. I usually only get to see kids films at the cinema, ones I want to see usually come from the library when they are out on DVD.


    1. It is a lovely cinema, Clare. We are fortunate to have a few stand alone cinemas near our house. No need to go to a multiplex in a shopping centre which is rather good! Thanks for your chat, Clare!


  4. Hey sweetie! Have just plugged my laptop back in to the internet (after a glorious 10-day break!)….I *love* libraries! (and love your photo of your local one)…And your cinema looks so wonderful…..! (The idea of a film that’s like a Woman’s Day magazine and a block of Cadbury’s chocolate is strangely appealing to me right now!)….[I was so sorry to have missed 1+4 last Sunday but will be back this week….I made gnocchi again yesterday – even better than the first time – a different variety of potato and I added a smudge of paprika to the mix…!]….am in a rush….more on Sunday!


    1. Ooh a ten day break sounds lovely! Hope you were somewhere warm. Yay for making gnocchi again and adding your own twist! Will look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to on Sunday x


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