Taking stock: October


Wow! It’s getting scarily close to the end of the year, isn’t it? I’ve even heard Christmas music being piped through our local supermarket! Please no! Not just yet! So before we get to that hectic period, let’s take stock.

Making: time to do a drawing every day

Cooking: chicken parmagiana

Drinking: peppermint tea

Reading: Leap by Myfanwy Jones

Wanting: assessments to be over for my boy and my girl

Looking: at beautiful clear blue skies

Paying: for new house keys. Have absolutely no idea where mine have gone!

Watching: The Bachelorette

Smelling: Nutella toastie

Liking: lunching out with my boy – 19 and still happy to be out with his mum!

Hearing: birdsong

Listening: to this podcast on Life Matters about mindfulness

Wearing: pink and purple

Bookmarking: books from the library

Wondering: what time the boy will be home from uni

Giggling at: Richie on The Bachelorette. Helium voice and running around with kiddies. So cute!

Loving: my ‘new’ west German vase from Etsy

How are things going for you in October? Are you taking a sharp intake of breath before the silly season begins? Or are you feeling pretty cruisy?

4 thoughts on “Taking stock: October

    1. Oh it’s simple, Maura. Chicken breast fillets that are bashed flat and crumbed (breaded) topped with a spoonful of tomato sauce (Italian style) and mozarella cheese and baked til it is all melty. Parma and chips – classic pub fare!

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