One + Four = Life: What to do with patchy days

And we’re back!  Lovely to see you all again! The last week of the school holidays has drawn to a close and we are preparing ourselves for the final term of the school year. I’ve spent most of the the past week on the ferrying run so I haven’t really felt like I could sink my teeth into anything or wander too far from home for too long at a time.  The days were all a bit patchy.  Sometimes that leaves me feeling a bit antsy. Do you find that too? So what to do with these little scraps of time so I can turn my days into beautiful patchwork quilts?image

I like reading about creative people and the way they go about their work. I have a little ‘creative creatures’ journal in which I can jot down info and stick in examples of the work of these arty peeps to use as a bit of a reference tool. It’s like a school project! I find it inspiring to see how people work and try not to get too intimidated by their talent! So in between a drop off and pick up this week, I reached into my lucky dip of interesting people and – ta dah! – pulled out Emma Block.  Emma is an illustrator from the UK who creates pretty, quirky, girly images. I found this interview with her in which she explained her creative process. Wow! So much work goes into her illustrations, which are a combination of drawing, painting, collage and photoshop. Do you have particular people you like reading about?

Inspired by bird and fox, I decided to squeeze in a little Antique Market visit when I popped out to do the fruit and veggie shopping.  I’m always tempted to explore the treasures in this Aladdin’s cave but the shop owner is a fan of incense and I am not. It always makes me feel a bit queasy and heady.  It’s an iris and edie repellant! But today there was a different person on the counter and the air was clear so inside I popped – and walked out with a lovely little Royal Doulton plate for sweet treats!  Maybe it’s best that the incense does burn within!

imageFriday was a STUNNING spring day in Melbourne! How could I not take my lunch and book outside to sit under this glorious blue sky (under an umbrella – need to preserve the skin!)? I love the neighbouring oak tree adorned with its green foliage and the birch whose leaves are just starting to burst forth.  So exciting to see the sunshine after our rather long winter. I bought WATERMELON and MANGO this week! Aah, the promise of summer days…


Patchy times can always be filled with a bit of TV viewing and squeezing in a chapter or two of a book. I’ve been reading Leap, described as ‘an urban fairytale’ which is set in Melbourne. It’s pretty good. Nearing the end now, so I’ll be interested to see how it draws its strands together. We’ve also been enjoying some family time in front of reruns of Arrested Development, a favourite of ours. It’s always satisfying when you find a series you enjoy, isn’t it? The man and I are also enjoying Line of Duty over on Netflix and I’m pretty excited to see that there is another Luther screening soon. We do enjoy a good crime or political thriller! We have a list to work through. We don’t get much of a chance to watch stuff during the week, so now that the football season is over (go Hawks!) our Friday and Saturday nights are freed up for a bit of catch up viewing. Do you like a good TV series too? Are you a comedy person or a drama lover? Bit of both?

So there we go. An uneventful week. But I’ve tried to find some little squares of interesting to sit in amongst the background of washing, shopping, cleaning, dog grooming and ferrying to comfort the soul! Next week will see me out and about a bit so I’m looking forward to the next instalment of One + Four! Until then, lovelies,  have a wonderful week!

13 thoughts on “One + Four = Life: What to do with patchy days

  1. I always enjoy reading your posts Carolyn, so chatty and friendly. This is not an uneventful week at all! Buying antique plates, disliking incense, investigating creatives, buying mango and watermelon and eating lunch in the spring sunshine…these are the things that make up our lives. I love hearing about your week. I’m a comedy lover but also love drama I LOVE Arrested Development. Can not get enough of Buster. Or Tobias. Or the mother…Estelle, is that her name? I really like photos 1 and 4 because they give a little peak into your home – your laptop, the vase of flowers, your lounge room. Lovely!

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  2. Oh you are very sweet, Isabel! It’s the good thing about doing the one + four posts – appreciating that there are little sparkles amongst the sometimes everyday ho hum! We love Buster and Tobias – the ‘never nudes’ and the ‘analrapist’. I also love the ‘Bob Loblaw law blog’ – makes me laugh just saying it!


  3. Sounds like a lovely, typical family-oriented week. I love those! The handwriting in the first pic is gorgeous, I wish I could write like that. I’m also looking forward to the Summer fruits, not long now 🙂

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    1. I’m pleased you like my journal idea! Ah yes, British crime dramas – they are great, aren’t they? Like a pair of comfy slippers! Some of the old ones are great too Cracker, Taggart, Prime Suspect. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Ok now I want a creative creatures journal too, because I am a copycat from Ballarat haha. No really though I am going to do that one day. Would love to have a peek at yours. Fabulous idea Carolyn, I will have a page in my journal for you because you are an inspiring creative creature yourself. x


  5. I love the idea of curating lots of ideas and inspiration. I have a sketchbook which I jam full of cuttings from magazines and newspapers. I like magazines like Flow and Mollie Makes for creative ideas and people.
    You made me laugh when you mentioned incense as a repellant. I couldn’t agree more, it reminds me of 1980’s hippy/craft shops and not in a good way! It is lovely when you find a treasure like your plate though.


    1. Happy to find another non lover of incense! fortunately at the yoga studio I go to they are prohibited from banning any by the landlord. Teacher was a bit sad about that but I was like ‘yes!!!’ I love Flow and Mollie Makes x


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