I’ve never noticed that before!

Life can be pretty routine at times, can’t it? Not that I’m saying routine is bad – we need routine to give our lives some structure. But sometimes routine means we simply tread the same path, eyes fixed ahead and we don’t really see what is going on around us. It can make our day-to-day experience of the world a pretty narrow one, yes? So this week I decided to be radical! To look up, down, left, right. To tread the neighbourhood footpaths I rarely walk. And this is what I found.


I have been parking in the car park behind our little shopping village several times a week for as long as we’ve lived in our current home – a good 17 years – but this week I actually looked UP at the rear of these shops and I was quite taken by everything in this scene.  I love the urn with the foliage, the large ginger jar in the window, the three blue pots sitting on the window ledge. I love the lines of the window panes, the bricks, chimneys and antennae. I love the signs of age on the buildings. I’m going to make a point of checking out these buildings every time I pop down to the shops from now on. Perhaps the pots will change? Maybe curtains will appear?


Taking the doggie for her morning walk, I decided to be really radical and I TURNED LEFT rather than walking straight ahead.  Crazy, right? You must be dying to have someone so zany at your next party! I regularly drive down this street but I rarely walk it. It dips down a little from my usual route and just this small difference gave it a different feeling.  I felt enclosed by the foliage and with the bell tower from the nearby church standing majestically in the background, it was like I was in a little English village. I can see these spires from my kitchen window but I only noticed that this year! Really have to improve on my looking skills!
imageAnd how gorgeous is this protea? I have never seen one like this before.  It was in one of the gardens I passed on my walk.  The bush was laden with these beautiful peachy blooms.  This one was atop the bush, its petals opened out, as if it were reaching to the heavens.  The soft blue of the sky was the perfect backdrop to the soft colours in the leaves and the flowers.

Have you ever had any “huh, who knew that was there?’ moments? Do you stick to the same routes and looking straight ahead? Or do you try to look more widely?

And, thinking about widening the way we see the world and the people around us, this week’s podcast from This American Life is well worth a listen.  Three stories where our perceptions are challenged. It accompanied me on my walk yesterday and I think I’m going to go back and listen to it again.

Happy looking, lovelies!

14 thoughts on “I’ve never noticed that before!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Serial was great, wasn’t it? I saw on my FB feed yesterday that they may be preparing to do another one about an American soldier who was captured by the Taliban and keep prisoner for five years. Interesting.


    1. It can be a surprisingly different perspective! It is a good podcast, isn’t it? Like everything these days, there’s so much to read, listen to and watch that it’s tricky to keep on top of it all!


  1. Well, this was a LOVELY post, Carolyn! It can be so refreshing and fun to turn a different way on your usual walking path or look up instead of down. You never know what you’ll find! Also, love love LOVE that you went on to paint that first photo. I would honestly buy and frame that.


  2. Nice work Carolyn. Go you for turning left instead of going straight! That view of the church spire really does look like it could be an English village. And I love a good back-of-a-house. I wonder who lives there and what their routine is…and are they shaking it up like you are?! Who knows x

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  3. Oh, I love this post! I had to chuckle because I always take the same route on my morning run/walk and on Monday I was so bored with it, I decided to do something really radical and walk around it the other way……starting in the direction I usually end….my oh my…who knew?! So much cool stuff! Love your photos…..I’d stare at those old rooftops for an age! And that flower? Yes, it is majestic. Amazing how much majesty flowers can contain, isn’t it?! Always love your podcast recommendations so I’ll pop it on later to have a listen…thanks for the recommendation! Helen xx


    1. Who’d have thought what a little shuffle up of the routine can do? I love delicate flowers but there is something great about the architectural ones too, isn’t there? Saw a massive flower spike walking through our neighbourhood gardens yesterday that was just amazing! hope the podcast doesn’t open wounds for you…one story may be a bit close to home xx


      1. Hah, yes, it’s funny, isn’t it? Sometimes its only ever a small shift in perspective that we need for everything to change. Oh yep, there’s something so joyful about big ‘in your face’ flowers that shout ‘I’m here and I’m me, like me or not’!!! Ooh, can’t wait to see that flower (from the spike) when it opens; do take a piccie! Yes, the podcast was a bit close to the bone but it was really worth listening to. I loved how she was so very honest about everything she’d gone through. That takes a great deal of bravery. I did feel very sorry for her, however: she was totally alone, basically, poor thing….(the story I *loved* was the one about Elton who’d dug the tunnel! Poor thing: his sisters must have been a real nightmare to have made him want to dig such a big tunnel! And imagine his sister’s shame, with that story being plastered all over Canadian news!


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