One + Four = Life: routine begone!

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Aah, school holidays! No school lunches, a little bit of extra time in bed, a hiatus in the regular weekly commitments. The markers in the day disappear and I can easily fall into reading ‘just one more chapter’, ‘I’ll just check out this article’ and then before I know it, I’m running around in a bit of a flap that the washing hasn’t been taken out of the machine, oops, I do need to get something ready for dinner, bugger, I haven’t baked anything as a sweet treat and oh yep, the boy isn’t on holidays but still has uni and needs a lift to the station five minutes ago! Does that happen to you too? Because holidays at home are a bit different to holidays away.  Can’t be completely ‘pfff, who cares, we’ll just get takeaway’. Nevertheless, I’m very happy to have a break in the routine!

And so it was that I found myself opening the pantry late, late in the afternoon, preparing to get dinner ready only to be confronted by the empty biscuit container. Never fear, the ingredients for jumbles sat there waiting to be combined and when we sat down to cups of tea after dinner, no one could accuse me of being anything other than a domestic goddess! Jumbles are a bit of a family fave. I wrote about them here.

Perhaps  my attention had been diverted from the sugary needs of my family because I had spent too long reading The Other Side of the World by Stephanie Bishop. I am really enjoying it. It’s the sort of book that if I was AWAY on holiday, I could see myself reading in one sitting, cup of tea, after cup of tea by my side, or a glass of wine once happy hour arrives! Don’t you just love it when you come across a bit of book-y gold like that? But I’m at home so whilst I was waiting for my girl who was at an appointment, I ducked into the cafe across the road, seizing the chance to have a few quiet moments with my book. Yes, I could have been doing the grocery shopping but coffee and literature is much more appealing. Surely you agree?

Or maybe it was the goings on in politics this week that distracted me? There have been so many articles and analyses to read, both in hard copy and online.  It has been absorbing! It’s not my intention to be political but I have to say that whilst I admire Tony’s commitment to fitness and volunteering with surf lifesaving and the CFA, gee, I did not admire his PMship. My man and I aren’t quite sure what we’ll talk about on our weekend morning walks now, our chats having been dominated the past two years by ‘Can you believe…?, ‘How can he…?’ , ‘Why would you…?’. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll find something else. Maybe some Bill Shorten ‘zingers’. We’re a balanced couple! And is anyone else out there a Waleed fan? My heart skipped a beat when I THOUGHT I saw him hop on my train at Richmond station one day but alas, ’twas not him…

This week I’ve also been listening podcasts whilst I’ve been crocheting and busying about with the domestic chores.  My lovely friend Karen put me on to this podcast by Liz Gilbert. I listened to the episode with Brené Brown discussing creativity, vulnerability, fear and shame. It was excellent! I also listened to this podcast from Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb after reading about it on Isabel’s blog. I really enjoyed that one too because amongst other things they talked about Anne of Green Gables, Leigh chucking her signed copy of Battlelines by Tony Abbott ‘because he’ll never be Prime Minister’, and Matilda and Tim Minchin. Love Tim Minchin! He is the perfect person to write the music for Matilda.  His lyrics capture the sweetness and innocence of childhood and the contempt of Dahl’s grown ups for the children. My girl and I went to see it when we were in London in January and loved it. Do you like Roald Dahl too? Are you a musical theatre kind of person? Or maybe a Tim Minchin fan?

Was your week a good one? Do tell!

16 thoughts on “One + Four = Life: routine begone!

  1. I love the school holidays too. I have ALL the family at home because hubby is a school teacher, so we really are in down time. Sleep ins, lazy days, little routine. Love it all! The only draw back for me is that it is hard to get my paid work done. Isn’t it nice/weird not having Abbott around? No-one to whinge about anymore. Waleed for PM I say!

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  2. Thanks for the mention, Carolyn! I agree – school holidays are a mix of yes to reading the extra chapter and oh my goodness, we still need food in the house! Loved Stephanie Bishop’s book – she is so skilled at evoking a sense of place.


  3. Oh, Carolyn. I think you and I have many similar tastes. I just LOVE Roald Dahl. I think he might be my favourite author of all time. And I’m so excited to see Matilda the musical when it comes to Melbourne next year. Isn’t Tim Minchin great? Have you read his fantastic speech to UWA students a few years back? Just google ‘Tim Minchin speech’ and you’ll find it, it’s really wonderful and inspiring. Glad you enjoyed Chat 10 Looks 3! They’re funny aren’t they, Leigh and Annabel…hilarious that Leigh threw out Tony Abbott’s autobiography. Oh my goodness, the politics this week has been insane. I must admit to waking up several mornings in a row and thinking ‘Tony Abbott is not Prime Minister. Was that a dream? No, it was real. IT WAS REAL!’ and then going about my day in a very happy frame of mind. We had lunch with some UK friends who wanted us to ‘explain why Australian PMs keep getting kicked out lately’…we did our best to explain. Will have to have a look for that book you recommended too. Your crochet squares look beautiful and bright, and I’m going to listen to that Liz Gilbert podcast now while I wash a rather large load of dishes. PS Did I mention that I’m also a music theatre tragic? Might need to write about my teenage obsession with Sondheim at some stage…xx PPS Waleed for PM! Did you read his op ed on Turnbull in The Age? He is so smart and articulate and just makes sense every time he opens his mouth or puts pen to paper.

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    1. Roald Dahl is so great! His books are so simple but so full of delight! You must see Matilda – great lyrics and music. You should have a listen to the soundtrack on spotify for a bit of Minchin magic! I loved Revolting Children, When I grow up, Quiet – well, all of them really, so good! Yes, I saw his address to the students – made my kids watch it – they were like ‘Yes Mum, we know you love him!!’ Think I might watch it again! And how good is it to be Abbott free? My husband said he needs counselling for post traumatic Abbott disorder! If you get a chance/are able watch the Insiders on iview (20/9 episode) – they did a great summation of his dysfunctional prime ministership.Waleed’s article was great! He always says what’s in my head but can’t articulate. Love watching him on The Project too! He’s doing great editorials whenever there’s a really controversial issue – so good. Ah Sondheim! Have just read about a small theatre company, Watch This, in Melbourne that pretty much just does Sondheim. They’re putting on Company at the moment at forty five downstairs in Flinders Lane. To go, or not to go….


  4. Hia lovely, great to ‘see’ you again…I’ll be checking out the podcasts but you’ve distracted me from everything else I wanted to write with the thought that there may be a recipe for those delicious balls of sugary goodness out on your blog somewhere….off to click the link…

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    1. Oh I didn’t include recipe so here it is ! 2 cups crushed plain sweet biscuits (like arrowroot), 1 cup dessicated coconut, 3 tablespoons cocoa, 400g tin condensed milk. Mix all together, roll tablespoons into balls and roll in extra coconut. I wet my hands before rolling so it’s not too sticky and sometimes put the mix in the fridge for a little bit before rolling just to firm it up a bit. Enjoy! Sorry to have distracted you!


      1. Hia Carolyn, will be making these for snack this afto…thanks so much!!! I know they’ll do just the job but must lock them away somewhere when the littles are in bed otherwise I know what might happen…’just one’ might turn in to ‘well, as there’s only one left, I may aswell eat it..’…LOL!! [It was a very welcome distraction; I love cooking/baking!!]……P.S. I *love* Roald Dahl, too…..I think the BFG is, actually, one of my favourite books….there’s nothing like Roald Dahl’s particular humour. And thanks for the heads up about Matilda being on Spotify. I think I’ll pop it on for the littles tonight.

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