One + Four = Life: Birthdays and Spring Days


Hello! How are things with you? You might remember that last week started off cheery for me then went downhill.  At the start of this week we were still in a dip but we’ve pedalled hard and made it back up the hill now! Yay!

My boy had a birthday during the week. Number 19. How can he be that big?! It was a pretty simple affair. His choice of birthday dinner at home (spaghetti and meatballs!) and a chocolate mud cake.  I always like to bake a cake for birthdays rather than buying one. Just feel it shows my maternal love a bit more. Must say it’s a bit easier now the kids are older and I don’t have to do the novelty cakes anymore!  The Women’s Weekly kid’s birthday cake book has been well used in our house! Are you a birthday cake baker too?

I was pretty proud of myself that I managed time for TWO blog posts this week. Because we’d been a bit down in the dumps, I thought a Taking Stock post was in order just to get things in perspective and to make me think of the good bits that were happening. And then I managed to finish reading The Opposite of Loneliness so I wrote a book review post.  Very happy with myself!

As the week drew to a close, the sun started to shine. I snapped these buds on the ornamental pear in our front garden.  I love the pretty blossoms on this tree.  And I love how they are bathing in the sunlight in this photo. Aren’t they beautiful?

On Saturday afternoon, I took myself off to see Iris. When I sat down in the cinema, sitting next to me was a girl I went to secondary school with! I think the last time I was her was at our one year reunion. We both recognised each other immediately so that was heartening on the ageing front! I super enjoyed Iris (my old schoolmate did too!). I found myself smiling almost all the way through. My smile only dropped when witnessing the increasing fraility of Iris’s husband, Carl, and Iris’s realisation that their time together in this life is coming to an end. You could see the sadness and worry in her eyes. Such a devoted couple. I loved Iris’s spirit and her wit, especially her comments on plastic surgery, not being dead, and not being pretty!

Four highlights from my week set amongst the the usual weekly happenings. What were the happy things about your week?

15 thoughts on “One + Four = Life: Birthdays and Spring Days

  1. Ah, Carolyn. I love your One + Four photos this week. The tea in that green mug looks so delicious, as does the AMAZING chocolate cake. I love how the top looks all cracked and delicious. Yum! So sweet that your son’s requested birthday meal was spaghetti with meatballs and chocolate cake. Can’t beat a family classic. That Iris flyer is great, so colourful, especially complimented by your funky pink beads. How strange to meet an old friend in the cinema! Commiserations re the Tiges 😦 We just watched it down at the local ‘Aussie bar’ (a hideous place, but it does have satellite TV) and it was a sad day for Richmond fans. Oh well, there’s

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    1. So sad about the Tiges! Hubby went with his dad and my boy was working at the game. They had their chances… Here’s hoping for a Hawks win against the Crows next Friday night. Can’t beat a basic, classic meal! When he was little I asked him what special food he’d like for Christmas Day and he said peanut butter sandwiches!!


  2. Hoping things pick up for you soon (so great to do exercises that remind us, actually, how much good there is around us). I’m definitely a birthday cake baker, too: love every single bit of it, from deciding which one, to getting the ingredients, to making it, to watching everyone enjoy it. So lovely! I am dying to see Iris but it’s not on in cinemas here unfortunately. I’m going to have to be creative as to how I manage to see it 😦 [She’s my absolute hero; whenever I’m feeling down, I go and look for images of her and they’re always guaranteed to make my heart sing]. Here’s hoping for a better week for you. Helen P.S. Didn’t say ‘Happy Birthday’ for your son, as I felt that was a bit weird 😉

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    1. Oh I hope you can manage to track it down – you’d love it! Absolutely guaranteed to put a smile on your face. You should see their apartment! I’ll accept your birthday wishes on behalf of my boy! Thanks for dropping by x


      1. I know a man who manages to find me films (don’t tell anyone)….I adore her….can’t wait to see their apartment…it must be absolutely bonkers! (I’d definitely love to know more about her husband; he must, also, have been/be quite a man)….right off to work….(glad the birthday wishes were accepted on his behalf!)…Helen xx


  3. Great pictures! I tried The Opposite of Loneliness, but I have to admit I gave up on it. I didn’t completely dislike it but I thought it was for a younger audience than me (ha! I sound really really old!!). I cannot wait to see Iris, I have it ordered from the library, she is an amazing woman.

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    1. I understand your response, Clare. I think the first few short stories are centred on more that ‘undergrad’ world – and that is a little bit behind me now! She does move beyond that in later stories and the essays are more universal. Enjoy Iris – it’s great! Thanks for dropping by!


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