Taking Stock: September


Phew! It’s the last day of a very full, very quick term in our house and I think that is the perfect time to sit down with a cuppa and take stock of where things are at!

Making: another granny square blanket from the remnants that are overflowing in my wool basket

Cooking: birthday dinner for my boy

Reading: The Opposite of Loneliness

Eating: birthday cake!

Drinking: not enough water!

Watching: Bespoke with Marcus Westbury. I want to go to Newcastle!

Listening: to Hoops by The Rubens. I’m loving the title track and Hallelujah

Wondering: why everyone in my house – except me! – wears headphones all the time. No one can hear me – so annoying!

Wanting: to see Iris

Pondering: which book to read next

Hearing: our little dog barking at possums. Damn you possums!

Wearing: colourful beads – and clothes!

Hoping: for an early night!

Considering: doing this watercolour class

Marvelling: at the magnolias

Enjoying: my new kitchen!

Smelling: roses in my girl’s bedroom

Deciding: when to go to this exhibition at Heide

Do you have school holidays happening in your house? Or maybe you are looking forward to a change in the seasons? Is it time for you to take stock too?

7 thoughts on “Taking Stock: September

  1. You must go to Heide, Deanna, even if just to wander around the gardens. I have to watch last night’s episode of Bespoke again because I fell asleep during it! I was thinking of you when I watched it because he visited the Etsy head office in Brooklyn!


  2. Lovely Taking Stock post, Carolyn. My friend is getting married at Heide in December this year, we’re coming home from China early especially for it…I think a wedding and reception in the Heide gardens and restaurant should be SO beautiful. x

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