Collage Club: Black and White

Well this is exciting!  As a member of the Collage Club for only a few months, and a VERY new blogger, this is my first collage post!


Black and white. When I saw this month’s theme, lots of images sprang to mind… Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, the beautiful photography of Man Ray and John French, Matisse line drawings…I envisaged a collage that was quite glamorous with maybe a graphic element added in.  And then as I thought more about black and white images, I started to think about black and white THINKING, how people can be black and white in their views.  Now this is not necessarily bad. If we are talking about good manners – there’s nothing arguable about being polite and respectful to others – this standard should, in my opinion, be rigidly adhered to.  If we did so, I think we could create a pretty cohesive community. But there is a lot of black and white thinking that seems to be present in society which is not for the best.  I don’t really want to get political, so I’ll keep my comments to generalities.  Black and white thinking often leads to snap judgements, prejudice, a refusal to engage in discussion, to find compromise, or to become more progressive.  So my collage became one of viewing the world in black and white. I flicked through my pile of magazines to try to find a variety of images – the film strips and Vivian Maier showing the act of seeing, beautiful ones (the good black and white stuff!), some reflecting those which feed prejudice and then the image of Casey Legler to represent the opportunity to see the world beyond rigid black and white categories.  I hope you like it and that my thought process makes sense! I’d love to hear what you think.

2 thoughts on “Collage Club: Black and White

  1. Hi Carolyn! I love your collage (your thought process TOTALLY makes sense). Vivian Maier is great isn’t she, I love how you use the photo of her to show ‘the act of seeing’. Did you see that documentary about her and her photos? Quite fascinating. x Isabel


    1. Thanks Isabel! Phew that it made sense! Yes, we did go to see the Vivian Maier doco. I thought it was fascinating. An intriguing woman and amazing photographs, both beautiful and heart wrenching.


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