How I got my mojo back

The sparkly afterglow of meeting up with my Inspo buddies deserted me by the end  the week!  The moments of quiet time I try to carve out for myself during the normal daily routines were consumed by a training course and commitments at P’s school – canteen duty, school interviews, discussions about subject choices for year 12 and consecutive nights at the theatre – Hamlet and Sweeney Todd  – to support her English and Theatre Studies classes.  Both productions were fabulous, particularly Hamlet, but I did miss spending those chilly Melbourne nights at home in front of the TV with my knitting! And so, by Sunday, a grumpiness had descended upon me.  I felt a bit resentful that I hadn’t had the space to have a quiet read, to play in my visual diary or to add as many rows to my knitting as I would have liked. I was mooching around the house bereft of creative inspiration. But the ‘hrumph’ mood is not a pleasant one – for myself or my loved ones! – so I had to give myself a kick up the bum to spark the positive vibes.  As is my custom at times like these, I turned to…the ironing!  Does that make me weird?  I find that I can get a quick sense of achievement out of a 30 minute iron!  Fresh, crispy clothes hanging up; a task performed for others; housewifely duties fulfilled!  It makes me feel, well, maybe not inspired, but at least satisfied that I have created something, if only space in my ironing basket!  And in my newly satisfied state, I jumped into the kitchen to make soup and bake Anzacs, and with every stir, and shaping of a biscuit, the ‘hrumph’ dissipated. As the weekend drew to a close, my mojo was returning. I pulled out the knitting, started thinking about which book to read next (nearly finished Guilt) and had a squiz at the Melbourne Writers Festival program (I like the look of the French Illustration Exhibition and Illustrator in Residence program).  And now I can look forward to this week, all sparkly and shiny again!  There will be coffee with a crochet-y, book-y friend,  some quiet time to read about interesting people, a watercolour class and tomorrow my Blog with Pip course starts! Yay!

I hope your own week is filled with mojo, but if it deserts you, how will you get it back?

This helped...
This helped…
...and so did this!
…and so did this!

7 thoughts on “How I got my mojo back

  1. I can so relate to that grumpiness feeling ( and probably so can my family). It’s kind of funny how it seems not that long ago I hardly had five minutes to myself and now I have whole days and I am so protective of them ! Must say I hate ironing, but I will have a tidy up of something that has been bugging me and it seems to shift a mood, making space for some mojo to return. All the best with BWP, I’m sure you will learn lots and be really inspired! Emily 🙂


  2. I must address several things here:

    1. The word ‘mooching’ is so great. Do you think other nationalities say that, or is it an Australian thing? I love that word.

    2. Sweeney Todd. I love all Stephen Sondheim musicals, and this one is pretty special. Was is wonderful? Where was it on? Who played Todd? Who played Mrs Lovett?

    3. I do not own an iron. Should probably invest in one once we get back to Aus. I think it’s cool that you get satisfaction from doing some ironing. I can totally understand the feeling of accomplishment after a short space of time/energy

    4. You know, I get like that too. Grumpy when I feel like I haven’t had the chance to do what I really need to do this week. And I find, like you, that getting busy and putting your grumpy energy into something productive, like ironing or making biscuits, is a great solution. When I am grumpy, sometimes I go for a walk or run and try to get out of my own head, just look at what other people are doing out in the world and remember that my small worries are very minor in the scheme of life. Sometimes I give in to it, slump into bed with a movie and ask Steve to make me a toasted cheese sandwich. Both methods have their place, I think!

    Love your posts, Carolyn…keep ’em coming!


  3. Haha! I’m pleased you like ‘mooching’! I’m sure the Germans must have a similar word. They have a word for everything!

    Sweeney Todd was pretty good. It was on at the Playhouse at the Arts Centre. Teddy Tahu Rhodes played Todd and whilst he has a magnificent voice, acting was very wooden and was in his Kiwi accident which really jarred with the English accents of the rest of the cast. Antoinette Halloran was Mrs Lovett – she was excellent! My son’s school did it a few years ago – he was in the orchestra. Did you know Melb Uni has a subject called Singing Sondheim? One of my son’s friends is doing it and loving it!

    I do quite like the toasted cheese sandwich, book and movie option, Isabel!

    I’m pleased you are enjoying my posts. I am enjoying yours also!


    1. Yes, you’re right about the Germans having a word for everything. I wonder if my friend who speaks German would know if they have a ‘mooching’ equivalent, I might ask him. My school also did Sweeney Todd a few (quite a few) years ago! I think 2003-4. Just after I had finished Year 12…my fellow Sondheim-obsessed friend and I were SO mad. AND they did Into the Woods the SAME YEAR. Grrr! Oh no, you can not have Sweeney Todd speaking in a Kiwi accent. Doesn’t sound too great. I didn’t know that about Melbourne Uni, but I can believe it. How wonderful. I could really go a toasted cheese sandwich right now, since you mention it, but better hit the Kyoto streets one more time and find some sushi for dinner 🙂 x

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