The people you meet

Today I am feeling blessed. Well, I always feel blessed – I have a loving family, both the one I have created and the one I was born into, and lovely friends – but today I am feeling just a little more ‘sparkly’ to use a Pip Lincolne term from her inspiring book Craft for the Soul.  A year ago I  joined Pip’s online Inspiration Information class and I fell into the embrace of a wonderful group of online buddies.  Yesterday we joined together at the NGV for a face to face meet up over coffee, tea and sweet treats and I left with a shower of glitter sprinkled over me.  For a long time I found it tricky to connect with others who shared my love of crafty, arty things.  I’m not an artist or artisan so wasn’t mixing with those in the creative professions.  I just liked to dabble and have some fun.  I felt better when I was looking at colour, feeling wool, creating something, learning new arty, crafty skills.  But I also wished I could find some friends to swap crafty tales with.  Inspiration Information was the flame which brought all us little moths together and I am so thankful.  I have found the tribe that supports this aspect of me.  Social media gets a bum rap a lot of the time about how it can make us disconnected from ‘real’ relationships.  Maybe that is true for some people. But it is also a great way to meet people whose paths you would have never crossed otherwise.  These online buddies can provide you with support and encouragement.  They can keep you accountable to your goals.  They can open your eyes to new ideas.  Is that any less ‘real’ than any other friendship? And then if you are super lucky, you do get the chance to meet face-to-face for a hug and that sparkly shower of glitter!

So to Emily, Karen, Deanna, and Annette, thank you for yesterday.  To Karen, Deb and Shani, thank you, too, for encouragement and inspiration!  And to Pip, for lighting the flame.  Without this, I never would have met such a wonderful group of gals!

Inspirational buddies
Inspirational buddies

7 thoughts on “The people you meet

  1. I think our group, and the friendships being formed are proof that online friendships can be very real indeed. I too am feeling blessed and am one happy little moth. Emily xx


  2. Yay! The support and encouragement from our online group has made a big different to my creative life, and I’m guessing it is the same for other group members. Very lucky us!


  3. What a beautiful post Carolyn. It feels like there was something bigger at work to make us all sign up for this course when we did. I now count you ladies as my closest friends. Isn’t it wonderful when you find your tribe. And yay for you starting a blog! It is wonderful. x


    1. Thank you, Deb, for your kind words! It is amazing that we all gelled so well. The stars must have been in alignment – very much a meeting of kindred spirits! Please give a shout out if you head to Melbourne – would love to catch up x


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